What Is MetaverseAir (MVRS)? Complete Guide Review About MetaverseAir.


What Is MetaverseAir (MVRS)?

The word MetaverseAir is unfamiliar, but meta means “topmost” and verse means “world”. In other words, it is “all the world perceived as a higher level”. The metaverse combines four categories: AR(Augmented Reality), Mirror World, lifelogging (the act of recording one’s daily life with a portable camera or digital device), and Virtual World. The word metaverse comes from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash. The word that comes with this word is the avatar. The metaverse has the potential to grow strongly.

Artificial intelligence(AI) has also grown tremendously after 75 years of not seeing the light, thanks to the development of deep learning and hardware created by Jeffrey Hinton in 2012. The MetaverseAir will go the same way. Market research firm Gartner also referred to the term “multi-experience” in 10 strategic technologies released last year, highlighting the need to pay attention to the interactions taking place in the metaverse.

MetaverseAir Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaverseAir
Short NameMVRS
Circulating Supply2.64B MVRS
Total Supply29,920,000,001
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Current State of MVRS Metaverse

MetaverseAir team has developed a beta version of MetaverseAir SDK providing a development environment including various core AR VR technologies offered by MVRS Metaverse, which allows developers to easily upgrade/build AR VR apps. The MetaverseAir SDK is an integrated development environment containing the development tools that help support the device companies, app companies, and individual developers wishing to develop new AR & VR services by allowing them to use the latest AR VR technologies to create AR & VR features and contents for various different devices.

As such, AR & VR apps created through the use of the MetaverseAir SDK allows for the realization of AR VR services within each individual app by allowing for the easy use of AR VR technologies even if the developers do not have any technical knowledge relating to AR VR. In addition, an API,
which permits the applications to directly use the diverse array of AR VR content provided by the MVRS MetaverseAir marketplace, is provided.


Bridge : Utilizing blockchain’s decentralized decision-making mechanisms, MVRS Gateway will ensure fairness in the metaverse any deliver assets from the physical world.

Avatar : Avatars will be free in the metaverse; their existence and meta-life will be a human representation in the decentralized identity recorded on the blockchain.

Digital Assets : Physical items in the real world will be represented through NFT’s, the only non-fungible asset class in which decentralization is provided equally to all participants.


MetaverseAir (MVRS) is a contents and technology company that focuses on using NFT technology as the future gateway into the metaverse. The community exists as a DAO located in the lands of blockchain. MetaverseAir solution offers a fair metaverse to everyone through utilizing DLT technology’s architecture. Optimization features are designed to enhance the social inequality and existential issues that are accompanied by a metaverse hosted by a centralized party. People will dive into the metaverse at the tips of their fingers and a well-constructed metaverse gateway should be able to seamlessly transfer user experience from one world to another.

With well-established back data on behavioral patterns of early adopters of the metaverse, MVRS will be capable of managing NFT’s from minting to marketplace. In the end, NFT’s will represent all assets in MetaverseAir physical world. Assets classes without exception including real estate, stocks and bonds will become asset NFT’s; personas will be portrayed through NFT avatars; and communities will interact via identities represented by the information set provided in DID-enhancing NFT’s.

MVRS Metaverse – Open Platform for Metaversentroduction

MetaverseAir team aims to establish an open and integrated platform called MVRS Metaverse, which would allow anyone to create and distribute a variety of different AR VR content and services. Through this platform, developers will be able to release AR VR apps and individuals will be able to create AR VR content without having to rely on the traditional somewhat monopolized markets or technologies, and users can use this platform with any compatible hardware devices such as mobile devices or AR VR glasses regardless of specific manufacturers or specific operating systems.

Based on the current existing systems, in order to release or launch a product or service in digital world, it requires registering and distributing the service through a traditional marketplace (marketplaces fragmented by devices, operating systems, and internet portal sites, e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store). As a result, developers and creators have no choice but to abide by the policy set by a traditional centralized marketplace where they must pay high fees. This, in turn, would cause an imbalanced and somewhat unfair distribution of profits.