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What Is Metaverse Capital (MVC)? Complete Guide Review About Metaverse Capital.

What Is Metaverse Capital (MVC)?

Metaverse Capital believe that the Metaverse will be the next big revolution. Technology goes through revolutions over time, and those who invest early into the next big technology advancements yield disproportionate returns. Metaverse Capital is a next generation Metaverse/P2E project funding VC/PE firm. $MVC simplifies your portfolio by investing in Metaverse and P2E projects on your behalf. They do the due diligence and strategically invest for you, so you can sit back and watch the gains roll in.

Metaverse Capital invests in the most promising Metaverse projects on the market, with a focus on ensuring that the projects that receive investment and funding from your treasury have a combination of the following:
– An Outstanding Team
– Long-Term Vision
– Innovation
– A working beta/MVP

Metaverse Capital Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaverse Capital
Short NameMVC
Circulating Supply900,000,000.00 MVC
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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The Meta Treasury

The Meta Treasury is a powerhouse of investment-driven value for $MVC. Built up from the initial launch, they use it to bootstrap and continuously fuel your growth. The treasury expands in real-time through transaction volume, returns from successful investments, as well as the introduction of your staking protocols. To begin with, lets tackle a simple question in terms of what Metaverse Capital is all about. They launched the project on Ethereum almost 2 months back and presented a lite paper, which you can go through on your website. This article is an attempt at detailing out what they’ve been working on since and the vision for the project.

The goal of investing into Metaverse projects came about as a belief that the Metaverse would be the next big revolution. Technology goes through revolutions over time, and it is easily observable that early investment into the next big technology advancement yields disproportionate returns. This has always been the aim for all modern investment funds, imagine being able to invest in the PC revolution from the 80s or the internet boom of the 90s.

Initial launch — Status

As stated above, Metaverse Capital have launched MVC as an ERC project with your token freely tradeable on Uniswap. This launch was a huge success and helped build a community of ardent supporters who align with the long-term vision of the project. This launch also helped kick start your treasury which already has over $300k for investments as they move forward. The future of MVC would see moving cross-chain such that investors on various other chains also get an opportunity to reap the benefits of this project and invest with in the Metaverse going forward.

Governance and execution — Status

The governance and execution for the project would require to build certain elements to the project in order to ensure long term sustainability and execution capability. This would consist of building out your ecosystem to incorporate the following.

DeFi Protocol

As was mentioned earlier, MVC will have opportunities to stake and farm with your MVC tokens. They want your community to be able to reap the most benefit out of the ecosystem and these DeFi protocols would help ensure that. These DeFi protocols would over time evolve to ensure cross chain compatibility and give your community a full-fledged range to choose from in order to maximize their investment. They will initially start with 2 staking pools offering 33% and 66% APY based on the time locked. Future farming pools will include rewards for providing liquidity and other metaverse token rewards. 


While Metaverse Capital have been centralized in your need to execute and get to market quickly, the governance for MVC would be completely decentralized in order to ensure maximum transparency and give complete control of the future of the project to your community. The DAO would enable that community to choose projects to invest into, make decisions on introduction of new protocols in the future and manage investments that have been made through the treasury. Your MVC would give you the voting ability on all crucial decisions with regards to the treasury funds.

There would be an opportunity to determine the structure of the Metaverse Capital as introduce it in your system and the idea would be to move the core team into positions to be advisors to the community instead of decision makers. They propose doing this in steps. Most of the core components of the system will be in place soon. There are plenty of new things to add, but the what and when will be decided by the community.

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