What Is MetaVegas(METAVEGAS)? Complete Guide Review About MetaVegas.


What Is MetaVegas(METAVEGAS)?

MetaVegas proud to offer your METAVegas devotees a % of all wagers placed by the new players they recruit. The % the referrer receives will vary dependent on game in question and will be paid in the token used by their referral, transferred to you instantly after every gameplay. Upon launch, the payment mechanism in place will allow you to play your casino games using your $METAVEGAS tokens. Moving forward, they will be begin to incorporate an array of other cryptocurrencies to expedite the growth of your user base. If you prefer to play just for fun, all of games will have the ability to play for free, without the need for crypto or fiat.

As MetaVegas progress through your roadmap, they will be introducing a wide variety of new casino games which will be voted for by your community members and token holders. Users will be able to play coins casino games using a variety of accepted cryptocurrency wallets (e.g Trust, MetaMask) and will therefore always have entire custody of their funds. All of your games and contracts will be audited several times prior to release in order to verify the fairness of your game logic code and all gameplay transactions, providing a provably fair and non-custodial experience.

MetaVegas Storage Key Points

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MetaVegas teams’ years worth of innovation and experience in the online gambling, gaming and distributed ledger technology sectors has led to this point. They’re constructing a deeply immersive metaverse whereby your users can explore, interact, gamble and earn money without ever leaving their home. The MetaVegas virtual realm utilises the very latest in blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create a gambling experience like never before, without central control, giving your users the privilege of secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn $METAVEGAS tokens.

On-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create a gambling experience like never before, without central control, giving MetaVegas users the privilege of secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn $METAVEGAS tokens. MetaVegas will be home to a variety of your favorite free and pay-to-play casino games, including poker, blackjack, roulette and the one and only slot machines. Using random number generators (RNGs), all your casino games will be 100% fair as your software will be continually producing random strings of numbers with no discerning pattern, providing game results that are entirely random each and every time.

MetaVegas World

MetaVegas will consist of two separate area of land. The Meta Strip & Downtown, situated on a voxel map with a total of 17,777 REGIONS. (Each REGION will be a 35×35 feet plot.) Essentially, REGIONS are blockchain-backed virtual NFT tokens constructed on the Ethereum network, representing physical plots of The MetaVegas world. REGIONS are used to house your casinos and hotels and build your own depending on which area you visit.


An avatar is a digital representation of actual people in the real world. MetaVegas users are able to create their own bespoke look and customize their avatar through thousands of different combinations which will then be used to explore the MetaVegas world. REGION plots will be available to purchase on the Ethereum network using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs, and by using your blockchain (cross-chain) bridge, token holders can easily exchange their BSC based $METAVEGAS tokens for ETH based REGION plots in order to purchase REGIONS of land, avatars and customise their assets

VegasFX Modelling Software

Thanks to an extremely user-friendly interface accompanied by an intuitive skeletal system and powerful modification tools, MetaVegas modelling software (VegasFX) allows users to construct the most beautiful casinos and hotels with stunning interiors and animate them to create a wildly vibrant environment, more dynamic than any Metaverse has ever seen before.

Monetize & Earn

There will be several ways to earn money within MetaVegas. A major area of earning will be by simply using your $METAVEGAS tokens to gamble on the available casino games. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a poker pro, or you simply can’t resist the sound of a roulette wheel spinning, you’ll have the same opportunity of winning what you would do if you were to visit a casino in real life. Alternatively, why not build a hotel and rent out the available rooms to other users. After all, everyone’s avatar needs somewhere to reside.