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What Is MetaToll (TAX)? Complete Guide Review About MetaToll.

What Is MetaToll (TAX)?

you received a free airdrop of $TAX tokens in a proportionate amount. They know who held $RIFF via BSC scan. If you hold $RIFF through a CEX MetaToll will make sure the CEX will airdrop your proportionate tokens. Contact if you want more airdrop opportunities. MetaToll or $TAX, is your Toll currency token (also to be synonymous with a “riff”). Circulating supply from listing will be 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion). The total supply will only increase as P2A tokens are burned. Tokens will be burned upon disbursement of funds from Met Tariff  to each respective governing body. 

Upon live adoption date all tokens sent in the P2A transactions will go into the possession of the administrator (Met Tariff) and they will be held in escrow until liquidated. At no point do these tokens  become the property of the administrator, even if unclaimed. Liquidation will be done according to  disbursement to the governing bodies depending upon their choice of currency (subject to negotiation with  governing bodies but Met Tariff reserves the right to offer fiat to be available initially with a goal to move completely to cryptocurrency at a later agreed upon date between the DAO and regulators). 

At no point can any $TAX tokens in escrow be redistributed or refunded. Upon conversion and liquidation, the $TAX tokens will be burnt. Redistribution of new supply will be completed in the same amount that was burned with an additional new supply to be added upon assessment or on an as needed basis agreed upon by the DAO. For any further questions, reach out to MetaToll via email, TG or twitter, or you can read further in your tariff paper.

MetaToll Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaToll
Short NameTAX
Circulating Supply1,000.00B TAX
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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The Future of Taxation?

MetaToll are all scratching your heads at year end or nervous about the IRS because of the crypto wave. Your solution is working directly with all blockchain networks as well as all national and international governing bodies to adopt your platform. The end result is a simplified tariff which will be a beneficial resolve for the respective authorities, but more importantly you; your crypto community. The goal is to simplify the tax code for crytpo at the present time but as they move to DeFi and the eventual end of fiat, they will be paving the way for a whole new world of deregulation.

How they Are Revolutionizing Instead of Regulating

MetaToll team is group of professionals well versed in the finance, accounting and crypto worlds. As professionals they know it is painful to deal with the regulation worries that could change at any minute. They are here to represent all citizens of the world as they navigate the crypto world  and now the metaverse! 

The platform they roll out will directly advocate for the citizens of the world as well as provide a streamlined solution to simplify the big question mark with crypto – how is it taxed? Read more in your white paper as they explain your solution to this dilemma with two tokens – $RIFF (DAO) and $TAX (currency token). 

How do I know this project is legitimate?

As you will see with most scams, they do not allow comments in TG or twitter. They are an open book. In addition, your plan is not to pump and grow this thing overnight. Good things take time. In addition, liquidity will remain locked for at least 1 year. See the Tariff Paper for more details. If you are still unsure, they respect your decision. Contact the group on telegram with any concerns. 

Right now the only solution to crypto taxes is having a good accountant who may or may not be advocating for you. Instead of just following the tax code for any nations regulatory body, MetaToll are going to bring the solution to them and blockchain networks, so your crypto citizens won’t have to worry about “putting money aside“ for those large crypto gains. Instead every transaction will incorporate a solution to satisfy all parties at once. 

Since this is a solution to crypto taxes, will I have to pay taxes still?

Until the project is fully launched and there is a “live adoption date” (per the Tariff Paper), you will be responsible for making arrangements with your tax advisor to determine any personal tax impact. For more questions, message Uncle Ham or the group on Telegram. 

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