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What Is METAROBOX (RBX)? Complete Guide Review About METAROBOX.


METAROBOX is an NFT game employing the play-to-earn (P2E) model and running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game focuses on Robo war battles and aims to provide both gamers and NFT collectors with a real-value experience. Aside from entertainment purposes, users can play games and invest NFT in the game to make additional revenue. Players can use $RBX to buy characters and upgrade their items including weapons and costumes. In P2E mode, players will earn $RBX tokens by fighting with other players. MetaRobox is really a diverse world with role-playing games being the form of battle.

METAROBOX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameRBX
Circulating Supply210.01B RBX
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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ROBOX’s Inspiration

METAROBOX is inspired by space technology and incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain to not only optimize all players’ gaming experience but also increase their revenues. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer decentralized distributed ledger technology that makes the records of any digital asset transparent and unchangeable and works without involving any third-party intermediary.

As a result, assets on a blockchain cannot be duplicated, removed, or destroyed. Consequently, currency is a feasible use case for the blockchain. This establishes the currency as a valid use case for blockchain technology. In MetaRoboX, the play-to-earn idea is employed, which pays players for playing games and participating in in-game economies, allowing users to buy and sell game-related assets.


  • Training Mode: This mode offers new players the opportunity to choose their dream characters, play roles, and kill monsters. But, no reward is expected.
  • PVP Ranking: Fight against each other to get $RBX tokens and upgrade their levels to receive $RBX tokens and also mystery boxes which will be published in the form of unique game items. Moreover, there are Weekly and Monthly Competitions with token prizes for TOP players on the Leaderboards. Players reaching level 5 can be ranked. While losers will have rank points deducted, winners will receive level and rank points. RBX tokens will be sent to players who increase their rank level only. 2 players will have a Token bet agreement, the winner will receive the loser’s RBX token.
  • PVE Mode: Whether you construct your own rooms or be automatically matched with folks of the same skill levels, you/your team will fight with one another through a betting arrangement in METAROBOX. The amount of $RBX gambled will be held and temporarily locked after the match. Winners will have to pay 5% of the transaction fee token to get that token prize.


Earth: Taking advantage of abundant natural resources, the Earth robo-warriors have specially-designed energy cores which can optimize long-term combat.

Mars: What the Martian robo-warriors lack in copious energy core they make up for in strong resistance to ice attack.

Venus: Venus is the hometown of the most skilled robo-warriors. With excellent defense and attack skills, the Venus warriors are among the most powerful heroes in the METAROBOX universe.

Mercury: The smallest planet with the most powerful military force. Here, the wars happen constantly and the warriors only exist for the sole purpose of fighting.

$RBX Circulation

Mining and burning will be completely based on user-base development and approval. We will keep the supply and pricing within the METAROBOX World at a reasonable level to maintain internal asset value and optimize input for brand-new users, while enabling its value to rocket externally.

$RBX Token Flow

Players complete in-game tasks or compete in ranked matches to receive bonus points. METAROBOX They can use these points to purchase mystery boxes and open them for robot cards. These cards can help enhance their decks or be sold on the NFT marketplace for tokens. Moreover, $RBX tokens can be used to buy bases, which can be rented out by other players. With each rental, the base owners can accumulate points and upgrade cards & gift boxes. The more points earned, the more gift boxes available to purchase and the more chances to earn rare cards. The rare cards can be sold on the NFT market in return for tokens.

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