What Is MetaRewards (MRW)? Is It Is Good Or Bad ? 2022 Review

What Is MetaRewards (MRW)?

If you’ve come to MetaRewards, you don’t have to look elsewhere to receive rewards in the safest coins out there. MetaRewards gives you the fool proof guarantee of full transparency and legitimacy with an armada of measures and precautions. Below are all the weapons and shields at your disposal. MetaRewards is the best one stop for both beginners and seasoned investors looking to safely diversify their holdings in Meta Tokens.

MetaRewards Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaRewards
Short NameMRW
Circulating Supply1,000,000.00B MRW
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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To ensure perennial exposure to new investors, and the constant growth of your community. Tokens that are “Bought Back” are then burned, acting as a deflationary mechanism. Each investors will receive passive income. The best Metaverse tokens, automatically distributed into their wallets.

Creating contests and challenges, which will be rewarded in BNB from the Marketing Wallet, community members will be encouraged to participate in the community effort to shill and promote the coin. These contests will be fun, but always centered around the idea of promoting the MetaRewards concept. A few examples are: Who can share a post the most, who can create the funniest Floki meme, etc.

Rebranding and Marketing

PolyFLOKI 5x’d and was listed on CG and CMC in less than 12 hours. Unfortunately, the project name did not match our ideas and branding, and
they lost all traction. Thankfully, the community held strong, and they are now ambitioning to create a large LP, rebrand and relaunch with insane plans for your new and previous holders!


By using brand recall, they build on the success of an internationally established brand and capitalize on the audience they have already built. The Meta names have in total attracted millions of investors, and are reputable in the crypto space. This aim to strongly capitalize on that fanbase by appending ourselves to the Meta theme.

A Marketing fee is much more advantageous than a Marketing wallet, because
Marketing wallets imply to have to sell tokens, which would decrease the price
of the coin. However, Marketing fees are taken out of the BNBs retrieved, so
there is no sale of MetaRewards tokens, therefore exerting no downward price
pressure on MetaRewards!


Marketing is the most important factor in the growth and life of a coin. Having a
marketing tax is the difference between a short and long-term project.Running out of Marketing funds is synonymous with the end of a coin, and having a marketing wallet is inefficient, in the sense that it requires the developer to do a one time sell and affect the price chart of the token.

Having a marketing fee, however, guarantees that as long as trading volume is reasonably high, funds are being put at the service of marketing and growth of the project. MetaRewards have hired Marketing professionals, Crypto Consult, to guide us through this process. Their track record and expertise will definitely send us flying to the Moon!

MetaRewards: the dogs’ bollocks

MetaRewards goal is simple: taking MetaRewards to the Moon. Many project developers don’t look much further after their launch date. They have devised every step of your project’s life, and are looking out for each of your holder’s investment. Until they reach the Moon and beyond. Your extensive marketing strategy and use of website analytics is currently allowing to continuously optimize your marketing strategy.

MetaRewards are holding daily AMA’s where they discuss said strategies, starting 3 days prior to your launch date. We are committed to changing the DeFi space through a high level of transparency, a simple clear approach to your project messaging, and a complete dedication to the project.

How to get to the MetaVerse #2

  • By keeping the voice chat constantly open (24/7) in the early stages of the life of your coin, to discuss your project ideas with newcomers, spend time with current investors, and devise upcoming marketing plans with the community.
  • Staying in touch is important, especially in the early stages of the life of a coin, and are dedicating all your time, energy and attention to MetaRewards
  • They want to create a fun environment and unite your community behind one goal: The Moon. Learning from your own experience, and previously successful projects, they believe there is no reason to shy away from the truth, and leverage it to your advantage.