Metal Ico Review – Earn rewards every time you send or spend

Metal Ico Review

About Metal

Metal is the native currency. METAL is fairly distributed through a process known as: Proof of Payments Processed (PoPP). When you send money or make purchases you earn a little reward in METAL for every dollar you spend. Used for such efforts but not limited to: Attracting top talent to the company, marketing purposes and performance-based bonuses for employees. Cryptocurrency transactions are highly volatile and risky. All sales after submission are final. Once confirmed, Metal Pay cannot cancel transactions and it’s not liable for any errors, losses or delays.

Metal Key Information

Token NameMetal
Price in ICO0.1800 USD
Average price0.37 USD
Token SymbolMTL
Token TypeERC-20
Tokens for sale55,000,000
Sold tokens55,000,000
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The Game Change Team Behind Metal

Metal Ico Review - Earn rewards every time you send or spend

What is Metal Pay?

Metal Pay is a blockchain-based payment processing platform. With the help of Metal Pay, at Metal intend to introduce cryptocurrency to the mass-market level by combining participation incentives with a clean, user-friendly interface unseen in cryptocurrencies – until now.

Metal Pay rewards you for sending and receiving money. When you send or receive money in an eligible cash transaction, you can receive a reward of up to 5% of the transaction value. They call this “Pop”, and it’s paid to you in cryptocurrency Metal. For example, if you send your friend $100 you can each get up to $5 worth of Metal!

The mission

They say the world revolves around money. But what does money revolve around? Metal say it revolves around people, that desires and experiences determine its value. Money is not the means to an end. It’s the means to a beginning. They believe in a better world, where money works for and they don’t work for money. Where work for beliefs, causes, and people. That’s what do at Metal. Let’s change the way the world views money. It’s time for a better world. It’s time for Metal.

Guidelines for Metal

Hello Metal fans! they are absolutely thrilled to have your support. To ensure they can maintain a positive experience across the Metal community, they have a few short guidelines that all fan pages and accounts must follow:

  • The account or page must be clearly marked as “Not Official” or “Fan Page” or “Fan Account
  • Channel activity must be monitored and misleading, derogatory or malicious content promptly removed
  • Unofficial “Giveaways” or “Air Drops” must not be promoted

What is the Metal cryptocurrency?

Metal (MTL) is our cryptocurrency. It is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain that uses Metal Pay’s unique Proof-of-Processed Payments (PoPP) distribution model to identify and reward users. The application and usability of MTL will be swift and powerful with the backing of a payment processing system. It is blockchain based token that can be integrated into other platforms as well as traded on exchanges or from user to user.

Metal aims to grow its applications rapidly to bring large amounts of users to interact with and use MTL. As Metal look towards the future the goal is to make cryptocurrency easy to use, economical, and incentivized.

Metal tokens through airdrops?

Metal have never done an airdrop and will never do an airdrop. Metal will never ask you for your wallet address or private keys, or any other confidential information. Neither will ever ask you to send money or organize any other MTL giveaway. Impersonators are preying on newcomers to crypto, tricking them to participate in “giveaways” or “airdrops”. They deceive users by letting them send some Ethereum for example and promising they will receive 5x the amount they sent.