What Is Metagame Arena (MGA)? Complete Guide Review About Metagame Arena.

Metagame Arena

What Is Metagame Arena (MGA)?

Prometheus engine developed based on COCOS. Cocos 2D-X, Cocos Studio, Cocos Code IDE, and additional frameworks and tools are integrated with Cocos to give developers a complete set of game development options. Metagame Arena chose Cocos as your development engine since it has proven to be one of the most reliable engines in mobile game development over the last decade. It provides trial-play technology for all three terminals (PC, mobile and web). Cocos has 1.4 million registered developers and 300,000 monthly active developers in over 203 countries and regions, encompassing over 1.1 billion player devices.

Cocos engine is an excellent open-source mobile game engine. Games developed by Cocos engine cover all categories on the market, with a global market share of 30%. Metagame Arena use this distinctive style to draw all games’ NFT, scene map, and UI design. This drawing method is frequently used in the “Final Fantasy” series. The overall style of the painting is based on the elements of the Japanese comic ACG popular painting style in recent years, adding a strong sense of comic lines, and the overall tone has an unparalleled memory point.

Metagame Arena Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetagame Arena
Short NameMGA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply30,000,000
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Play to earn

Metagame Arena governance Token – MGA is an abbreviation of the name of your Game studio, MetaGame Arena.MGA will serve as a platform token across multiple games in the near future, linking NFT resources in each game and creating link value. MGA provides decentralized communities with the underlying technical support for a complete project development route voting scheme. MGA can be purchased on the open market. The MGA is a necessary upgrade to combat cards in Prometheus games and is an essential production resource for every player seeking advanced combat power.

Grand vision

Almost all major mythological systems from the East and West are included in Prometheus, and all mythological systems will be connected and collided in the game. Metagame Arena As a result, its target audience comprises gamers and NFT fans from all around the world. The attribute system that seeks to achieve a high limit The game provides a broad range of options for gamers who want to push themselves to their limits. Battle cards from the same generation might occur in a variety of extreme and regular cards. This significant difference makes sense in pursuing super battle cards, and the value of the top tier cards will be greatly appreciated in the secondary market.

Worldview settings

The third war of the Gods began in 1660. Metagame Arena The last battle did not wipe away the two factions of advocating “war and punishment” and “love and pity”, and the hatred and hostility buried 300 years later ushered in an outbreak. The ancient gods such as Zeus, Odin, Atum and Amaterasu expanded after their divine power was restored. They bestowed their divine power to their territory’s ordinary people for the first time, and these ordinary people became gods overnight. The world was devastated by this violent conflict. The conflict concluded when Atum and Brahma were defeated, and each camp lost an ancient deity.

Detail of Prometheus

The other is PVP combat between players, mostly daily arena, significant events, and guild battles. The game Prometheus is a 5v5 NFT battle. In the game, there are two types of game play, PVE and PVP. The fight is divided into two parts: pre-war planning and in-game decisions. Depending on their battle cards, pre-war players can pick between 1 and 5 combat units (some gameplay may require less than five combat units). As a result, players must study the level’s criteria before selecting combat cards for various factions and generations.

Metagame Arena sequence of activities for all units in the current round is determined by the speed attribute of all units on the present battlefield at the start of each battle turn. Through the action axis, players may make strategic decisions such as whether to seize advantageous territory early in the conflict or assemble all forces to kill the enemy’s important role. Each little accurate decision will impact the overall condition of the war, allowing them to win in the end.