What Is MetaBullish (METAB)? Is It Is Good Or Bad ? 2022 Review

What Is MetaBullish (METAB)?

This is the most MetaBullish token in the Metaverse and easily going to be the most Bullish token of 2021. There’s no better way to end 2021 and begin your 2022 other than doing it in a Bullish style. Wipe your tears from those slow rug hype tokens and jump on Dave’s promising MetaBullish token. Well, you could call this your avatar NFT generator.

An avatar maker where you can create a character by selecting your attributes (face shape, eyes, nose, ears, body shape, clothing, etc). After
creating your character, you can mint it as an NFT. But if someone has created
that likeness before, you can’t mint that particular character, therefore you have to buy it to use it. The original creator will get a share of the sale.

MetaBullish Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaBullish
Short NameMETAB
Circulating Supply100.00B METAB
Total Supply100,000,000,000
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Audit Scope & Methodology

The scope of this report is to audit the smart contract source code of MetaBullish. InterFi has scanned the contract and reviewed the project for common vulnerabilities, exploits, hacks, and back-doors. Below is the list of commonly known smart contract vulnerabilities, exploits, and hacks. The aim of InterFi’s “Echelon” standard is to analyze the smart contract and identify the
vulnerabilities and the hacks in the smart contract.

InterFi’s Risk Classification

Smart contracts are generally designed to manipulate and hold funds denominated in ETH/BNB. This makes them very tempting attack targets, as a successful attack may allow the attacker to directly steal funds from the contract. Below are the typical risk levels of a smart contract. A contract is vulnerable if it has been flagged by a static analysis tool as such. As will see later, this means that some contracts may be vulnerable because of a false-positive.

MetaBullish A contract is exploitable if it is vulnerable and the vulnerability could be exploited by an external attacker. For example, if the “vulnerability” flagged by a tool is in a function which requires to own the contract, it would be vulnerable but not exploitable. A contract is exploited if it received a transaction on the main network which triggered one of its vulnerabilities. Therefore, a contract can be vulnerable or even exploitable without having been exploited.

Transparent Analysis

MetaBullish provides the easy-to-understand assessment of the project, and the smart contract. The audit makes no statements or warranties on the security of the code. It also cannot be considered as an enough assessment regarding the utility and safety of the code, bug-free status, or any other statements of the contract.

While they have used all the data at our disposal to provide the transparent analysis, it is important to note that you should not rely on this report only — recommend proceeding with several independent audits and a public bug bounty program to ensure the security of smart contracts.

Auditor’s Verdict

MetaBullish team has performed a line-by-line manual analysis and automated review of the smart contract. The smart contract was analyzed mainly for common smart contract vulnerabilities, exploits, and manipulation hacks. The analysis of the security is purely based on the smart contracts alone. No applications or operations were reviewed for security. No product code has been reviewed.

InterFi Network

InterFi Network provides contract auditing and project verification services for blockchain projects. The purpose of the audit is to analyse the on-chain smart contract source code, and to provide basic overview of the project. This report should not be transmitted, disclosed, referred to, or relied upon by any person for any purposes without MetaBullish prior written consent.

Be aware that smart contracts deployed on a blockchain aren’t resistant from external vulnerability, or a hack. Be aware that active smart contract owner privileges constitute an elevated impact to smart contract’s safety and security. Therefore, InterFi does not guarantee the explicit security of the audited smart contract.