What Is Metabsc? (META) Complete Guide Review About Metabsc.

What Is Metabsc? (META) Complete Guide Review About Metabsc.

What Is Metabsc?

Metabsc Coin is a meme & rewards token; aimed at positioning itself for a presence in the upcoming Metaverse as it continues to evolve toward mainstream adoption. META prides itself in being a truly 100% community owned project (with no formal dev or marketing wallets); instead focused on distributing high-yield BNB-pegged SHIBA INU rewards to all holders of the token; 2% per transaction funding the LP of the project; the rest (10% on buys, 15% on sells) going back to holders automatically.

Officially Certik audited and demonstrably secure, META aims to stand out against a vast array of short-lived, fly-by-night projects, and continues to harness its community effect to create an enjoyable platform and grass-roots, meme fueled crypto token.

Metabsc Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetabsc Coin
Short NameMETA
Circulating Supply1,000.00B META
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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The Metabsc Coin easiest way to buy $META token is via Flooz. Trade on the website. Alternatively, you can buy on PancakeSwap via the button below:

Step 1: Download MetaMask or TrustWallet

These apps are safe, secure and widely used in the DeFi Market (Metamask is suggested). This becomes your secure wallet where your $META (and other cryptocurrencies) are stored. Remember to never share your seed phrase!

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet

Metabsc Coin Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet. Popular USD-pegged stable coins such as USDT, USDC, and BUSD also work. These coins are all used in the Binance Smart Chain (BNB is suggested)

Step 3: Open Your Browser

Revisit this section of our website to use the recommended “Buy Now with Flooz.Trade” option, or visit https://pancakeswap.finance. Pancakeswap is an exchange that allows users to swap BNB with other DeFi tokens; it’s the largest & most popular decentralized platform in the space.

Step 4: Swap for META

Metabsc Coin Using Flooz, “Connect” to your Metamask, or TrustWallet, enter the amount you want to spend and click Swap — Done!.

High-yield $SHIB Rewards!

META is a new BSC meme and rewards token providing the highest $SHIB reflection rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. All holders of META are automatically rewarded BNB-Pegged Shiba Inu tokens as buys and sells take place. Hold META, and watch your $SHIB grow passively.

Metabsc Coin SHIB is rewarded to holders when buys and sells take place! * At current volume and holders count, $SHIB pay-outs are made to each wallet about once or twice a day! You can use the Dashboard to claim at your leisure!


META is run by the community. We have NO dev or marketing wallets and launched this token STEALTH from $100 (to give you a sense of what we’ve been able to do as a community)! Early holders and committed members of the community pool our $SHIB rewards together to continually fund marketing initiatives.


Metabsc Coin are a strong rewards token, but at our core they are a powerful meme token. We were one of the first tokens riding the Metaverse wave; if not the first token with the ticker symbol “$META”. The community is always producing & sharing great memes and having a good time! We’re here for the long-term and trying to push to something incredible through the power of community.


Token holders enter a queue to receive rewards. Every half hour, the contract will distribute rewards to as many holders as gas allows. This distribution starts at the last place it left off in the queue and will distribute to as many holders as it can until the allotted gas expenditure runs out. Once the contract can no longer afford the gas fees, it will save the spot it’s at in the queue until the next distribution.

Metabsc Coin So while tokens are distributed automatically every half hour, this does not mean EVERYONE will receive rewards at once during automated distributions. Distributing rewards to all META holders takes time. Please be patient, you will receive them!

The pace of rewards distribution is heavily dependent on volume and as they are constantly growing, your turn in line for rewards will take time to take a full lap around. But rest assured, you will receive the dividends you are allotted when it is your turn in line.


The Metabsc Coin community voted via the rewards dashboard. Voting started as a round-robin phase; votes cast on a per meme basis. Over 30,000 votes were cast across 500+ submissions. The top 32 highest rated (with a slight weighting that accounts for vote volume) moved to the bracket phase; where head to head battles took place until the top 2 memes battled it out for the grand prize! Runner-ups were those who made it to the top 8 (quarter finals).


The community has continued to innovate; first by launching their Official Dapp; enabling users to view and claim their pending SHIB rewards at their leisure, as well as upcoming games presently in development. META BSC is committed to iteratively releasing new and enjoyable features for its community members; with the broader vision of the development of a system that can integrate directly in to VR applications and the Metaverse.