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What Is MetaBots (MTB)? Complete Guide Review About MetaBots.

What Is MetaBots (MTB)?

The MetaBots marketplace main purpose is the enabling of p2p trading of the Metabots items (NFT’s). These items can be purchased with the Metabots token or with BNB. On every trade executed there will be a fee of 3%. The game will be released with a in-game NFT marketplace. This marketplace is used for buying items, customising your robot and to view in-game analytics. A fee of 3% will be charged here aswell.

MetaBots Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetaBots
Short NameMTB
Circulating Supply1.00B MTB
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Matchmaking and Betting

Players will be able to place bets on fights, whether you are taking part or spectating. There will be a matchmaking option that will allow you to select the amount of cryptocurrency in USDT ($) you wish to bet. This will search for other opponents with the same criteria. There will be an easy to select ‘match opponents bet’ option for those who wish to stake the exact same amount as their opponent to fight. So for example, you can select to fight someone specifically for 0.1 BNB or 10 USDT. That will be the fixed wager for both parties when entering the fight. For every bet placed MetaBots will apply a 10 % fee. (50% of this will be accumulated for buybacks and in game rewards).

This mode is only available for special events. During these events a player can place bets on the fights being held. If a player wants to bet on a match they will then be able to spectate them. ALL BETS must be secured with the transaction confirmed before the battle begins. People can place bets on one of the two players competing in a match and can spectate that individual during the match. During the spectating mode you will be able to observe the stats of the robots.(Health or Armor points, speed, attack/defense but also the equipped parts).

Metabots Token

A total of MetaBots tokens have been released and no additional Metabots tokens can be created. The token has been built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). Investors can buy the bots token from decentralized exchanges or specified centralized exchanges. Here they can exchange other cryptocurrencies for the Meta token. The bots Token will be issued under the premises of a utility token. Unlike security tokens, the value of utility tokens is not related to the value of the company issuing those tokens.

Usecases for the Metabots token

  • Tokens to be used in game can be bought through PSIDEX or Pancakeswap.
  • The tokens can be sent to the player’s game account and from there the player can spend them there.
  • The token will be used to make recharging instant.
  • The token will be used as a currency to stake with and put it as a wager.
  • The token will be bought with 50% of all revenue from the game, we will then burn 50% of these and send 50% to the in-game rewards pot.
  • The token will be bought with 50% of all NFT revenue sales that are going to be used in-game. There will be at start 24,000 different NFT’s and can be minted at a price of 0.1 BNB.
  • This means when the first line of NFTs are sold there will be a 1,200 BNB buyback on the utility token.
  • The token can be used to stake to earn NFTs. House upgrades and other upgrades can be done with only the token.

CEX Listing

In total 80,000,000 MetaBots tokens has been reserved for future CEX listings. These tokens are used for listing on centralised exchanges. A total of 40,000,000 tokens have been reserved for marketing. These tokens will be used for promoting the project and as rewards for community competitions.


A total of 200,000,000 tokens has been used to strengthen the liquidity of the MetaBots token. This is done to prevent price volatility in case larger amounts of tokens are being sold. The liquidity has been added to PancakeSwap and is locked.

Private Sale

In the MetaBots private sale investors had the opportunity to put in BNB for the quarantee of obtaining Meta tokens. It has a vesting period of 10 months where every month after the presale has been done 10% gets sent out to private sale buyers. As reward for taking a higher risk by investing in the private sale compared to the presale bots decided to give them an enhanced reward and additionally a random bots NFT per BNB invested.

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