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What Is Meta Meerkat (METAKAT)? Complete Guide Review About Meta Meerkat.

What Is Meta Meerkat (METAKAT)?

I’m touching base with a bit of news for you. Meta Meerkat have allocated so much bond with each other here as a Family, even as much as they wanted to stay to survive, it is with a heavy heart to announce to all of you that $METAKAT will be going offline due to the BRUTAL ACTION of the Founder which is @Pookkee. He is the sole reason of the sudden dump in your ecosystem. Zakari rugged all and run for his own fucking sake.

Meta Meerkat really feel sorry for everyone who have trust the project since the beginning THE ADMINS devoted your lives for all of you and they have been taking things positively and tirelessly working day and night to provide every single details to keep us moving. but there are circumstances that are out of your control anymore. They deeply value all the things have shared together, thank you all for keeping up with through good and bad.

Software or governance improvement proposals, DAO direction, financial remuneration for service providers, vendor selection, etc. are all handled by community participation. Meta Meerkat up to the current time have been focused on specific types of protocols, whether that be lending platforms, NFT art marketplaces, decentralized exchanges, or even leveraged yield farming platforms, all of these DAO’s are dealing with a single product.

Meta Meerkat Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMeta Meerkat
Circulating Supply6.57B METAKAT
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Premium NFT marketplace for collectibles and unique artistic pieces. Meta Meerkat will be the “One Stop Shop” for everything DeFi, and on top of that, it will offer a consistent and intuitive interface and experience for all users. They want grandma to be able to participate in and enjoy the DeFi experience. The platform will create the cryptocurrency safe-space allowing users to easily understand each product and how to interact with it, thus gaining exposure to the DeFi ecosystem in a safe and effective manner.


The easiest way to gift crypto with just an email and connect with the ecosystem. The Meta Meerkat platform is the next evolution of what can be termed a “DeFi stack of tools”. Each piece of technology developed under the DAO has the potential of being stacked together where the output from one product becomes the input to another product. Interoperable protocol stacking is a key component to the potential addressable market.


The decentralized affiliate marketing solution. A new way for affiliates to promote and earn rewards directly to their crypto wallet. Without intermediaries. There are many interoperability benefits to working as a team rather than competitors in the DeFi ecosystem. Some examples could be increased exposure to new token listings, gaining access to instant lending markets, and highly reducing platform fees. Meta Meerkat has already shown how being a team player can benefit everyone through its unique partnership agreements.

Jigstack Ecosystem

A new era of Defi products sitting under the name. All products are designed to work either together or alone, and to improve the everyday lives of users. Governed by the Meta Meerkat DAO, your products are truly user-focused and deliver exceptional results. Hedera is unique in that it achieves the same result as the most ubiquitous public blockchains (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum), but in a way that is faster, fairer, and more energy-efficient, stable, and secure. Hedera Hashgraph has its own means for the issuance of new tokens on its blockchain called Hedera Token Service (HTS).

Products under the Meta Meerkat Umbrella

STAK is a governance token and a vehicle to bring revenue to all token holders. Combining the cutting-edge voting system with rewards and interest creates an entirely new ecosystem focused on equality of opportunity for holders of STAK. With this partnership, Meta Meerkat are able to provide an intuitive interface and a simple user experience for first-time token issuers and new users looking to participate in token launches. They charge a small fee on token launches that get funneled back to the DAO.

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