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What Is Meta Farmer Finance (MFF)? Complete Guide Review About Meta Farmer Finance.

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What Is Meta Farmer Finance (MFF)?

Meta Farmer Finance is enabled by blockchain technology, where players can earn real money or other rewards through playing, playing has not only entertainment value but real money value as well. Players in B2ELAND can earn coins which can be easily transferred to SEDA through certain activities. A holders can stake their tokens through the staking function and participate in governance votes. These votes will revolve around how teams use the ecosystem fund to develop new features of B2ELand. DAO members can participate in the voting process and contribute and decide the future of B2ELand.

Most of the land on the planet was flooded, and there were not enough areas left for agriculture, industry and wealth extraction. Meta Farmer Finance Humanity has one last hope. It is the B2E project, which is launched by the seniors of Earth scientists who sent an army of robots to build an enormous spaceship and equip it to become similar to the Earth’s conditions, They began sending a group of humans to manage it and build a new civilization on it to meet the needs of mankind.

Meta Farmer Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMeta Farmer Finance
Short NameMFF
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Saving Humanity

A group of scientists at B2E project, a high-level program, made a spaceship with conditions very similar to the planet Earth. Meta Farmer Finance made robots to work on this ship under human control to produce resources to be used during their 15-day stay to be replaced by new investors to work on this ship. Several years after the completion of the B2E project, which achieved great success in saving humanity, the Earth has become a narrow place for many people to live in. As a result, scientists decided to create a new world parallel to the Earth, safe for human survival, and integrated life.

Meta Farmer Finance is a game based on securing the resource requirements of mankind on Earth using technology Blockchain, the task of players is to build and develop equipment to improve and accelerate production processes. The player’s success is through the correct investment of resources and effective development of equipment, and the expansion of his land to raise productivity.


Meta Farmer Finance differs from the rest of the games, focusing entirely on the player’s in-game interaction and making the experience revolves around the story of the game, This aims at possessing the player the sense of responsibility for land and leadership in the development process. We aim for a comprehensive interactive environment using metaverse technology and constantly introduce new features and gameplay to achieve our metaverse experience and give players the most enjoyable experience.

Why integrate Empty Set protocol

Empty Set fills a particular niche within the web3 ecosystem. No other protocol is focused on a high-stability, low-risk & trust-minimized stable coin design. DSU is the stable coin the protocol issues. Meta Farmer Finance token’s purpose is to serve as an analogue to other liability backed stable coins while offering greater decentralization. This token is freely mint-able from the Empty Set reserve and can also be redeemed for assets in the Reserve.

Trust-minimized, always.

A key tenant of Meta Farmer Finance is decentralization, in all forms. Empty Set is able to issue a stable coin against collateral with different trust guarantees and maintain the decentralization of its stable coin. This allows for collateral with strong redemption guarantees to be used, while ensuring DSU and the protocols built on top of it are truly decentralized.

Stable, but future-proof

Meta Farmer Finance Set’s design is intentionally low maintenance, however in this industry things can change rapidly various forms of collateral may fall out of favor or be wound down completely. Empty Set’s modular design allows for its components or dependencies to be replaced without disrupting the protocols up the stack that rely on it. Empty Set protocol is a community owned ‘de-central bank’ that issues a decentralized stable coin. The protocol mints & redeems a stable coin backed by a reserve of assets and is governed by a separate governance token.

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