Mercury Protocol Ico Review – The Future of Communication Platforms

Mercury Protocol Ico Review

About Mercury Protocol

Modern communication is outdated. Centralized communication platforms built on private servers are only as secure as their weakest defense, user privacy is habitually violated as service providers sell behavioral data to advertisers, and content is restricted to a single platform. The solution is the Mercury Protocol, an open-source project for communication platforms to utilize decentralized blockchain technology at minimal cost.

Any communication platforms that integrate the Mercury Protocol will be able to exchange messages and content, increase user privacy through pseudonymity, leverage tokens to encourage user participation, and provide stronger network security than any private system that has a single point of failure. Transparency is the top priority in analyzes and reporting. They believe in cryptocurrencies and are largely investors and developers ourselves – so report with first-hand experience.

Mercury Protocol Key Information

Token NameMercury Protocol
ICO start24th Oct 2017
ICO end24th Nov 2017
Price in ICO0.0430 USD
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolGMT
Hard cap24,000,000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Newyorkswap

Mercury Protocol Ico Review - The Future of Communication Platforms

Mercury Protocol

Based in Los Angeles and backed by Mark Cuban, they are a passionate team building a new digital world based on trust. They believe that the quality of online interactions translates directly to quality of life. Mercury Protocol technology, products and vision aim to bring people together in a trusted way to build relationships, conduct commerce, and thrive online. Mercury Protocol is a suite of smart contracts and software services that enables a trustworthy, meaningful, and providerless communication layer for consumer app developers.

How It Works

Mercury Protocol enables a global network of real people to share information via blockchain, free from constraints and walled gardens such as Facebook, Facetime, and Google’s Allo. However, the information provided should be treated with a little caution. The video claims that the trading bot can predict price movements with 82% accuracy. If this is really true, Bitcoin Up would be one of the best robots on the market.

Dust Messenger

With Dust already in market and a patent pending for RAM-based ephemeral message storage, a team has demonstrated the first step towards creating private, digital space where trust matters. To learn more, download Dust below. As a user of the website, you will also be advised of the secure 128-bit encryption of the service. So your personal information is safe and will not be shared with anyone else.

GMT Token Sale

The GMT Launch Event began October 24, 2017 and concluded on November 24, 2017, and a company are no longer issuing tokens. Click here for more details. If you just want to make money with Bitcoin, a trading robot like Bitcoin Up could be just the thing for you. This removes the human component from trading that is actually prone to error.

Financial success

Mercury Protocol is a trading robot that uses algorithms to calculate past price developments in order to predict the future Bitcoin price. With the artificial intelligence of the robot, it is superior to that of any human in terms of precision and speed. In addition, it acts free of emotions but only using mathematical algorithms.

  • free demo account
  • Adaptable with your own knowledge
  • Market response within seconds
  • Also available in German
  • No emotion, just data and facts

How does Mercury Protocol work?

Mercury Protocol Up is an automated trading software that  aims to achieve maximum profit for its users by trading Bitcoin – i.e. both buying and selling Bitcoin. Such trading bots use an algorithm, i.e. a program that has been specially developed for trading a certain system, in the case of Bitcoin Up, i.e. Bitcoin. This program continuously analyzes the current crypto market  and compares this with the past price development of Bitcoin. The software also pays attention to how certain factors and variables have affected the Bitcoin price.