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What Is Meme Inu (MEME)? Complete Guide Review About Meme Inu.

What Is Meme Inu (MEME)?

In Meme mining, electricity is not spent to earn the mining reward, but rather electricity is generated. MineX Mobile Charger is designed for charging devices such as phones, tablets, and power banks. It is a blockchain project in which mining rewards are given according to the amount of electricity produced from solar energy. In this type of mining, there is no need for graphics cards, processors or mining rigs, or electricity consumed for their operation.

Mining with Meme will have two options. People who want to do mining can use one of these ways, or they can use both and increase their mining income. Mining earnings will be calculated based on electrical energy generated by the Meme Inu Mobile Solar Mining Panel or the miners’ photovoltaic systems.

Meme Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMeme Inu
Short NameMEME
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply3,080,000,000
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Bluetooth technology

With Meme Inu mobile solar mining panel, MineX Token can be mined using the sun’s rays at any time and place. In Solar mobile solar mining, the detection of energy production depends on wifi or Bluetooth technology. In cases where data transfer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is possible, mining income will be instantly recorded in the database. However, this whole process will be easily managed by the miners with the Meme mobile application. Sometimes Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access is not possible.

In this case, the internal memory of the mobile panel will be activated. Thanks to these features, the current passing through the panel can be monitored instantly and the records can be kept in the internal memory. Meme Inu there is wifi or Bluetooth access, the information in the internal memory is synchronized with the smartphone app and the mining rewards are transferred to the miner’s account.

With the Meme Mobile Solar Mining Device, mining can be done while traveling by car or public transportation, while spending time in a cafe or restaurant, enjoying swimming in the sea or the pool, in short, anywhere there is sunlight and the Solar Mobile Solar Mining Device. Also, this whole process will be easily managed by miners with the Solar mobile application.

Produce Energy

With the permission of the miners, the amount of energy produced will be controlled by Meme Inu by using the control monitoring method and it will be possible to monitor the earnings. The fact that miners produce energy in any area such as home, workplace, any place with a photovoltaic system is enough to receive the Meme mining award.


Meme Inu Mobile application aims to teach and popularize solar energy and electricity generation by making it a game. Meme establish a secure and effective network with a decentralized structure that is environmentally friendly, beneficial to society, using solar energy in cryptocurrency mining.


Meme Inu create permanent benefits by pioneering the transition to mining based on renewable energy sources, unlike the classical cryptocurrency mining, which is widely used in the world, and to make a difference between cryptocurrencies with environmental goals.


The application aims to teach people how the Meme Inu solar mining system will work and to earn while learning it. In this way, when the Solar solar mining system is available to MineX miners, they will know how to use it. Users who download this application will have a virtual area (meaning field, soil) and a virtual solar energy panel with a certain electricity generation power on this area, and a virtual battery where it can store the electricity produced.

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