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What Is Meme Chain Capital (MEMES)? Complete Guide Review About Meme Chain Capital.

What Is Meme Chain Capital (MEMES)?

The word Meme Chain Capital didn’t exist until evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins invented it for his 1976 book, “The Selfish Gene.” Derived from Greek, it essentially means “cultural gene.” Fast forward 50 years, throw in blockchain technology, and crop in the faces of your most adorable animals, and you’d now get nothing short of sensationalism. Over time, meme coins have become integral parts of societies everywhere, representing joy, misery, and everything in between. The greatest challenges have always been deception and “apropos of nothing” for meme seekers.

Meme Chain Capital was developed to clear the air of this deception so that meme communities can focus on the things that connect them. They strongly believe forming strong partnerships with meme projects and different online communities yields remarkable values. This enables to vet new projects properly, start the right conversations with the appropriate people, and provide the highest returns for your investors.

Meme Chain Capital Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMeme Chain Capital
Short NameMEMES
Circulating Supply1.00B MEMES
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Your mission is to expand meme’s horizons, interconnectivities, and intercommunity’s via blockchain technology. Meme Chain Capital aspiration is to be the “well of knowledge” for all things meme related. MEMES will lead with trust, create stability for meme projects, and raise the status quo.

Community Portfolio

Meme Chain Capital community portfolio is your public treasury. It lists the name, dollar amount, and position of every meme project that they invest in. Being transparent is the only acceptable action when it comes to asset management, and they will always do just that. Professionally built and designed by the Moon Rock Technical team for a seamless UX, this application will provide users a comprehensive interaction with $MEMES. Here, stakers can view their staking progress and benefits, holders can see their $MEMES valuation, and investors can have control over their assets.


Creating a safe and trusted starting point for future meme projects is a huge value proposition for meme investors and MEMES holders. Meme Chain Capital launchpad will vet all potential projects for legitimacy, including the potential for success, so that you don’t have to. MEMES will use this new proprietary staking mechanism by Moon Rock to address many staking protocols’ past issues. Stakers can now have peace of mind in their very own staking capsule.


To be a stalwart of all meme coins, MEMES will continuously seek active partnerships to raise awareness for legitimate projects, invest heavily in growing communities, and bring #MemeLife to the masses. Like its “mother’s” fund, Moon Rock, MEMES’s goal is to also become a DAO. The smart contract of a DAO will manage the various operations and dispositions of the organization in an automatic and deterministic way. This way, investors and community members remain in control regarding the meme projects they invest in.

Community Portfolio

Meme Chain Capital uses technical analysis and different research methods to sift through listed and latest potential meme projects to add to your portfolio. Once they’ve narrowed down your list of options, the community will vote on which project to receive the investment. Guided by value investing principles, they strive for projects that provide healthy revenue streams for the long run. This incentivizes MEMES to provide long-term support necessary for longevity. For projects that have reached maturity, MEMES will only take profits sustainably and intelligently.


MEMES aims to achieve a 100% rug-pulled free Launchpad. Crypto, particularly Binance Smart Chain, is fraught with malicious projects bent on defrauding meme investors. By having a strong vetting team authenticating each project’s mission & vision, use cases, tokenomics, community, and developer’s actions, Meme Chain Capital goal is to provide meme supporters with the highest quality project options. And finally, every project wanting to use your Launchpad must completely dox themselves, absolutely non-negotiable.

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