What Is Medic Inu (MEDS)?

What Is Medic Inu (MEDS)? Complete Guide Review About Medic Inu.

What Is Medic Inu (MEDS)?

First inspired by the war in Ukraine, Medic Inu was created to help the world heal. He is sent on missions around the world to help restore the lives of his fellow canines and people affected by tragedy. He is backed by an audited protocol and a KYC’d team. 2%+ of every transaction is being donated to various non-profit charities.

The problem of many meme cryptocurrencies is that their tokenomics are not intended for long-term profit and a huge expansion of their ecosystems. This is different! Your experienced team of blockchain developers has designed the Medic Inu tokenomics specifically to provide the community with maximum profit!

Medic Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMedic Inu
Short NameMEDS
Circulating Supply1.00B MEDS
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Medic Inu’s 1st Mission: Ukraine

For his first mission, Medic Inu is deployed to Ukraine and tasked with helping Ukrainian animals and humans in need. By donating to Ukrainian non-profit organizations in need. Dog shelters, humane societies, and other organizations aimed at helping Ukrainians in need. Help Medic Inu to reach volume-based goals and to successfully complete his first mission.

Community Voting System

Medic Inu is an entity that will continuously evolve to serve the best interests of the DAO members. The DAO smart contract cannot perform any actions unless the DAO members approve the action through the use of proposals. Proposals are proposed actions that can be created by any DAO member. The proposal must have a majority vote from the DAO members to be approved and will be denied if it does not have a majority vote.

Wolf Certification

Medic Inu is teaming up with Athena Intelligence, Swiss-based partner of Liti Capital, to offer operational due diligence, scam prevention and insurance services to startup Crypto projects, vetting the company principals and offering ongoing scambuster monitoring protection and insurance. DAO Treasury, owned by its members, will receive a one-time fee plus a small transaction tax to pay for future legal and investigative work. A portion of this
revenue will be paid as DiviDENs to $WLD holders.

Large Investment Default DiviDEN

The case owner of Liti Capital’s Large Investment Default Case is offering 1% of his billion dollar claim award to the DAO. A portion of this will be used to fund the DAO Treasury and the rest will be paid as a DiviDENs prorate to all $WLD holders.

Scam buster Certification

Medic Inu members can take Scam buster educational courses and earn tokens for field work and analysis. Course graduates receive a real metal Scam buster Badge by taking DAO sponsored courses like Crypto Investigation,
Scam Avoidance and you can even become a Scam buster Trainer.

Medic Inu NFT Sales

They will sell collectible NFTs, with half going to the Treasury for future projects and commissioned art and half paid as DiviDENs to DAO members. The DAO Treasury with sponsor Wolf Art and other contests, prizes and rewards. Member proposals will drive contests and promotions.

Why Does the Gaming World Need Medic Inu?

The most ambitious goal of Medic Inu is making blockchain adoption wide spread within the gaming industry by creating a cryptocurrency that would truly fulfill all of the needs of gamers. In order to do that, RYUJI was created specifically with gaming in mind – it was made by the gamers and for the gamers.

Thanks to Medic Inu, the worlds of gaming and crypto will finally be merged. You will be able to earn valuable cash prizes, token rewards and priceless NFTs by playing fun games and participating in exciting tournaments, and the rewards you earn will be able to be monetized and used to raise your prestige in the meta verse.