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Mechanicweb Web Hosting Review: High Frequency Compute Redundant NVMe Storage.

About Mechanicweb

Mechanicweb is a premier provider of high performance hosting around the world. They provide hosting to a global client base with a proven track record of maintaining more than 99.9% average uptime. Customer service is the core strength of your hosting services. If you are looking for professional grade service, uptime, and network, they are your ideal choice. CloudLinux isolates each user inside a virtual environment and separates them from issues caused by others. A rogue user or a malicious script on the server can not cause your website to be slowed down.

Any issue, spike, or failure specific to a user only affects that user and all other users remain unaffected. CloudLinux stays stable by isolating the impact only to the offending tenant, keeping other users completely separate where a regular Linux server may go offline. LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server speeds up WordPress and PHP based websites with little to no configuration. It is an enterprise grade paid software that is faster and more stable. It is up to 9 times faster than Apache, 5 times faster than Nginx, PHP runs 50% faster, and 3 times faster in SSL.

Some Quick Facts Mechanicweb Web Hosting

MechanicwebBasic Details
Hosting NameMechanicweb
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
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Mechanicweb Price

High Frequency Compute

Mechanicweb custom configured servers are powered by high frequency compute and data center grade redundant NVMe SSD to execute PHP and MySQL queries faster. Faster PHP and MySQL queries improve page load times and handle more traffic with ease. NVMe SSD Reseller Hosting is designed to accommodate the demands of web hosts in today’s industry and includes everything you need to grow as a hosting business. Combined with 24/7 support, powerful servers, friendly staff, and a vast array of industry leading features, you will be fully equipped to stay ahead of your competitors and provide reliable hosting solutions to your customers.

Instant Turbo Performance

Gain instant performance boost just by switching to MechanicWeb. Mechanicweb uniquely optimized hosting allows 20X performance during traffic spikes and 3X fast page load times. They offer LSCache and Memcached to boost your websites further. Your websites will be blazing fast on your NVMe SSD Reseller Hosting. NVMe SSD is extremely faster than traditional SSD or HDD. It is more durable, has lower access time, less latency, 5000 times more IOPS, and 25 times faster read/write speed.

Fully Managed Service

Mechanicweb handle the entire process of server administration, optimization, and security. Automatic offsite backups are taken daily. SSL certificates are renewed without any manual intervention. Servers are monitored 24/7, both automatically and manually. Mail Channels prevents IP blacklisting by preventing transmisssion of spam and malicious files from the server. It greatly improves email delivery, IP reputation, website reputation and ensures your sent emails are not being marked as spam.

Instant Turbo Performance

Speed up your website by switching to Mechanicweb. Your always on Turbo provides up to 20X performance without requiring additional optimization. They also offer LiteSpeed Cache to further boost your page load times with just a mouse click. Your competent migration team performs migrations with precision and diligence. They will help transfer and restore your websites, emails, databases, control panel settings, and applications from your previous hosting server, for free. offers dynamic full page caching for your WordPress based websites. Using QUIC as the transfer protocol, makes your website faster and repels DDoS, brute force, and packet spoofing attacks. Disk I/O is the disk read/write limit that determines how fast your website is allowed to perform on the server. No matter how much RAM or CPU you have, your site will perform slower on a low I/O. They allow 20 MB/s while others allow 1 MB/s only.

CloudLinux & CageFS Isolation

Mechanicweb prevents your websites from slowing down by issues caused by other users. CageFS isolates each user from another and keeps server resources always available to your websites. It increases server stability, uptime, and performance. LSCache speeds up page load times of your websites. You can enable LSCache for WordPress, Joomla, and any PHP based website and have instant performance gain, without any additional configuration. It lowers website loads and handles more traffic.

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