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What Is MaticLaunch (MTCL) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About MaticLaunch

What Is MaticLaunch (MTCL) ?

MaticLaunch Numerous issues faced by launchpads built on multiple blockchains motivated us to dive into layer 2 scaling solution in a decentralized manner. MaticLaunch will be featuring a fully customizable and autonomous governance event and investment pool creation infrastructure audited by leading firms.

MaticLaunch Permissionless investment pool creation functionalities will be provided to blockchain entrepreneurs, diverting their skills into core product development while the community will be vetting projects by autopilot governance events, allowing them to move into investment pools. Thanks to Polygon, the entire process will be effortless while consuming extremely low gas fees. MaticLaunch is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon.

MaticLaunch (MTCL) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name MaticLaunch
Short Name MTCL
Circulating Supply3,699,323.00 MTCL
Total Supply20,000,000
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Features :


MaticLaunch Permissionless fundraising and trustless token distribution to help give wings to your next-gen ideas

Cheap Transactions

MaticLaunch Launchpad built on layer 2 blockchain solution enabling number of transactions with immensely low gas fees

Autopilot Liquidity

MaticLaunch Post-sale sustainable liquidity provision and automatic LP tokens custody to create trust and avoid rugs materially


MaticLaunch Filters innovations by the mighty community directly with the help of blockchain-based governance mechanism.

Fair Allocations

MaticLaunch Fair dispersion of token sale allocations utilizing unique participation method based on mandatory staking procedure

Inevitable Growth

MaticLaunch Preprogrammed token burn function upon early unstaking events to entertain healthy token price and volume


MaticLaunch Ingenious ideas built or building on Polygon will offered a permission less fundraising platform for a successful launch.

Key advantages to Projects

  • Permissionless pool creation
  • Customizable token offerings
  • Effortless decentralized fundraising
  • Autonomous liquidity provision
  • Ape-minded community support
  • Marketing and technical advisory
  • Post-fundraising incubation grant


MaticLaunch A fair chance to participate in Polygon-based early stage projects will be offered directly to the community.

Key advantages to Community

  • Ability to approve/reject projects
  • Fair token sale allocations
  • Faster and economic transactions
  • Multi-currencies supported pools
  • Incentives for holding tokens
  • Accessibility to early stage ideas
  • Direct involvement with the projects

MaticLaunch Token – $MTCL

MaticLaunch MTCL is a core element to fuel ecosystem and will play a key role in MaticLaunch’s decentralized fundraising platform. It is a native utility token and utilized in the following applications:

  • Governance: MTCL token stakers will be able to participate in voting events determining project approval or rejections.
  • Allocations: Based on number of MTCL tokens user have staked for certain period of time, s/he will be offered token sale allocations.
  • Rewards: Based on users’ activities and governance and token sale participation, MTCL tokens will be rewarded in definite time frame.
  • Liquidity Mining: Users will also be able to earn additional MTCL tokens from liquidity provision, pushing healthy volume on DEXs.

Product Roadmap

MaticLaunch Representation of what we have done so far, what are doing currently and what can be expected from us in the future

JAN – MARCH 2021

Market Research || Ideation, R&D || Team Formation

APRIL – MAY 2021

Roadmap Creation || Documentation || Structure Formulation


MVP on Polygon Testnet || Token Generation Event || Pre-Sale and Public Sale || DEX Listings || IDO Onboarding

SEPT – DEC 2021

Partnerships || Community Campaigns || CEX Listing

YEAR 2022

MaticLaunch v2.0 || Community Feedback || Potential Chains R&D


  • MaticLaunch MaticLaunch team neither endorse projects nor recommend the community to invest in projects listed on the platform.
  • MaticLaunch always suggests doing your own research before investing as cryptocurrency investments are subject to high risks.
  • Do not invest in projects listed on MaticLaunch if your applicable jurisdiction prohibits participation or ownership of cryptocurrencies.