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What Is Marble Heroes (MBH) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About BoleToken

What Is Marble Heroes (MBH) Coin Review ?

Marble Heroes 2021 is a year when game communities are surprised by Axie Infinity. This is a relatively new phenomenon. Since March 2018, Axie’s P2E model has been a great success, winning more than 2 million DAUs (daily active users) at one stroke, and successfully completed the landmark $152 million Series B fund with a valuation of $3 billion. It is clear to the world that games such as Axie will be the future of the game.

Marble Heroes are fully aware of that, after careful study and analysis of the market, we find that many blockchain games, especially those NFT+ GameFi type in the so- called metaverse concept, fail everywhere due to lack of logic and lack of innovation. The representative works with strong survivability and market development are almost consistent with the direction and ideas are good at.

Marble Heroes After repeated deductions and creation by the team, a set of innovative game playing-methods has been sorted out. It is not only play to earn, but also integrates the style of war chess and perfect economic model, in addition to its basic characteristics of card games. Finally, it has been shaped with creative imagination as in a fairy tale – Marble Heroes.

Marble Heroes (MBH) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMarble Heroes
Short NameMBH
Circulating Supply7,588,368.00 MBH
Max Supply550,000,000
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Marble Heroes Mission‌ “Marble Heroes” was established to provide a simplified environment to avoid the common troubles and tricks in traditional games, and provide an accessible platform for players to get the rewards they deserve. After witnessing that the real world is dominated by the imbalance of wealth, are determined to contribute to the construction of the future world, democratize everyone’s access to wealth, and give communities around the world the opportunity to create their own wealth creation moments that change their lives, all in order to build their comfortable homes.


Marble Heroes is built from the ground to make the most of the great opportunities in the game space. For many years, strategy games have dominated the traditional game market, such as Heroes of Might and Magic III has achieved success with a proven game scheme:

  • Control a certain number of heroes.
  • Command the army inspired by myths and legends.
  • Use the best strategy and focus.


Marble Heroes Shouldering the mission of creating the most attractive and eye-catching games in the P2E field, team will not slack off. With many years of experience in various games, “Marble Heroes” team has won a pioneering reputation for its amazing design by integrating NFT art, high-end concepts and experiments carried out under varieties of thinking. They first created a fantastic and vast and beautiful universe with a unique role. Then, according to different characteristics, they are divided into the following groups:

  • Humanoid supernatural creatures (including earthlings, aliens and robots).
  • Various elves (plant elves, animal elves, element elves).
  • Classification of orcs (beasts, undead, insects).


Marble Heroes The MBH token will be the ERC-20 token issued on the BSC. All blockchain assets (heroes, devices) in the game are ERC-721 tokens, which are issued on the scalable infrastructure and have the following characteristics:

  • Support ERC-20 and ERC-721
  • Not a centralized side chain
  • Deploy on BSC
  • Officially publish our public chain in V5.

Business Model

Marble Heroes is a free game that operates as a service. So far, they have established a strong and diversified revenue model, including many key revenue drivers:

  • NFT sales – including sales of heroes, equipment and other in-game assets.
  • Transaction fee – we will charge a small part of the MBH token transaction volume.
  • Other revenue – including advertising, premium player subscriptions and services; It is introduced in the later stage after the game matures.