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What Is Many Worlds Token (MANY)? Complete Guide Review About Many Worlds Token.

What Is Many Worlds Token (MANY)?

Many Worlds Token is the age of blockchain innovation and all the giants in the crypto space are competing for mass adoption. Many blockchain giants are likely to survive the test of time. Each giant is, in essence, its own self-contained separate world. There will be a need to bring these worlds together, to create bridges allowing for the exchange of resources and ideas. An international collection of experts have come together to provide solutions to this problem, and to build these bridges. This project, aptly titled the Many Worlds Token, is the team’s entry into these many solutions.

Designed to be a membership token, is the token upon which the team’s future developments will be powered. Many Worlds Token this journey, holders will be incentivized to hold in their portfolios via rewards mechanisms and immersive gaming and entertainment applications. While rewards tokens are not a novel concept in the blockchain space, traditional rewards tokens are fundamentally flawed in terms of scalability and are destined to fail.

The protocol resolves these scalability issues via innovations in tokenomics and smart contract structure. Many Worlds Token vision is to create an ecosystem that, rather than compete with the many chains and platforms, leverages them to enhance the consumer experience. A strives to connect these various systems to one another and offer blockchain asset interoperability.

Many Worlds Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMany Worlds Token
Short NameMANY
Circulating Supply2.50B MANY
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Fundamental flaws in traditional rewards

Many Worlds Token only is it an incredible asset on its own, but it is also serves as the governing token for blockchain solutions in various stages of development. At the heart of the smart contract is a sophisticated set of tokenomics designed to overcome fundamental flaws in traditional rewards based tokens. Built into the smart contract structure is a token aging and leveling system which makes these tokenomics possible; this is a novel concept never seen before in the blockchain space.

This is an innovative DeFi token built on the Many Worlds Token Smart Chain network. The projects will focus on utility cases which allow for cross platform asset interoperability among multiple blockchains, games, and metaverses. All of these utility cases will contribute to the health.

Technical Anatomy

The Many Worlds Token smart contract is innovatively built upon the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and utilizes Web3 to maximize its potential. The choice to develop on BSC benefits holders with more rapid transactions, more efficient gas fees, and a rapidly growing blockchain infrastructure. The Web3 component assists the protocol to be even more gas efficient, thereby maximizing the amount of rewards delivered. This is the very first crypto to have a dynamic tokenomics system. This means that the tokenomics change as your tokens age.

They accomplish this using a shareholders First in Last Out stack built into your smart contract using on chain data storage. Many Worlds Token Founders wallets are locked using a reverse vesting system which allows the tokens to remain in the owners wallet but incapable of being sold or transferred. With this mechanism, the dev team will continue to receive BUSD rewards as primary compensation for their work towards the projects growth. This mechanism is verifiable using on-chain analytics.


A tokens have innovative features built into the smart contract, but features are also tied to the other aspects of the ecosystem. As the ecosystem grows, the token will receive further utility and protection. The age of a token resets to zero if that token is sold or transferred out of a wallet. That token will then restart the aging process upon entering a new wallet. An individual may very likely hold tokens of varying levels.

Many Worlds Token Older, and thus higher leveled, tokens will be more valuable to the owner due to the higher rate of BUSD rewards they draw into their wallet. When the owner places a sales transaction the smart contract will prioritize the newest tokens to be sold first. This way, should only a portion of a holder’s tokens are sold, the most valuable tokens will remain while younger and less valuable tokens are sold.

Quarterly Burn

Fifty percent (50%) of the max supply will be locked into the quarterly burn reserve. A portion of these funds will unlock every quarter which will be burned at random. This mechanism will distribute the burn throughout a longer period of time so that newer holders benefit from the burn as well as older holders. Many Worlds Token standard practice has been to burn half of the supply immediately upon a project’s launch on the decentralized exchanges, however the development team has intentionally avoided this practice because it only benefits people who acquired tokens very early.

Philanthropic Effort

Funds from transaction taxes are partially allocated to a philanthropy fund which will be donated on a regular basis to not-for-profit organizations around the world as voted on by token holders. This fund gives the power of philanthropy to the community of holders who will collectively determine how the money will be utilized and whom it will benefit. Many Worlds Token are committed to bettering the world, in and out of the virtual space.

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