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What Is Manarium (ARI)? Complete Guide Review About Manarium.

What Is Manarium (ARI)?

Manarium is the first play-to-earn gaming platform for gamers and developers based on Binance Smart Chain. This uses the play-to-earn model in each mini-game to reward the best players with tokens. It is a place where game developers can launch their own mini-games and get the fee from the daily prize pool.

Manarium Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameManarium
Short NameARI
Circulating Supply12,939,106.59 ARI
Total Supply99,839,516
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Manarium mission is to provide an integrated ecosystem to support game developers and the wealth growth of its users and investors by creating innovative gaming platforms based on blockchain technologies. They introduce hold-to-earn mechanics for those who don’t want to stake ARI tokens. Everything you need to do is hold your tokens; you will get regular dividends denominated in USDT for your holding.

The Governance

As the Manarium team, they are aware of the role of a strong and friendly community in the development and growth of the project. So they are glad to introduce a governance mechanism that will be implemented. Every ARI token has voting power. As a holder of ARI tokens, you can use them in community voting to make crucial decisions about development and changes. To participate in voting, you should lock your tokens in the voting poll for a certain period then you can withdraw those ARI tokens without any losses.


With years of experience in game development, the team will release various in-house games for the Manarium gaming platform. As one of the main features, all game developers will have the ability to launch their games. Every game launched on the gaming platform will be based on the play-to-earn model described in details on the next page. For a start, they will concentrate on developing simple play-to-earn mini-games to develop more complicated and full flagged games.


Manarium games play-to-earn model will be based on a daily tournaments system with huge token prize pool. They will implement the daily ranking system in every game. So after the gaming day ends, the prize pool will be distributed according to this ranking. Every tournament will have twelve prize-winning places ten places will be given for the best players of a certain gaming day, and two places will get random players.

Prize Pool

For the first three months after the launch of the Manarium gaming platform, every play-to-earn game will get a daily prize boost of 15,000 ARI from the rewards wallet. The second part of the prize pool consists of players’ contributions. To participate in daily tournaments and have chances to win a daily prize, every user needs to contribute a certain amount of tokens to the daily prize pool of the game. For a start, the fixed contribution will be 300 ARI.

Launch your games

The Manarium team provides game developers with the ability to launch their own original games on the gaming platform and earn ARI tokens. Every game developer can fill the form with the information required and send their game for launch. Your team will examine each application and contact developers for further cooperation.

Once the game has been approved, your development and design team will help improve and complete the game. Your experienced developers will implement play-to-earn mechanics in your game by themselves, so you do not need to write any smart contracts. Also, you can expect marketing support in social media before the game launch.

Referral System

Your platform allows you to maximize your rewards. Hence, you can invite your friends to register via the referral link and receive rewards from your referral program. Referral rewards can be received from games and staking. This creates unique relations between the platform, the user, and the invited, creating an ecosystem where everyone thrives together.

Manarium referral system

Games: You will get a 3% reward every time your invited friend enters the daily tournament. Referral rewards from games tournaments will be sent to your balance immediately after contributing to the prize pool.

Staking: You can expect a 5% return from your friends’ earnings. Your referral rewards will be visible and ready for withdrawal from your referral accounts when your invited friends will withdraw staked ARI tokens to the wallet.

Token Use Case

As was noticed before, the Manarium gaming platform has its own utility token — the ARI token. Players and investors can use ARI tokens to get profit and other benefits on the platform. This is a play-to-earn project, so the main purpose of the ARI token is access to daily game tournaments mentioned before. For those who interested in high profitability they introduce your own staking pools.

Every ARI holder can stake their tokens and get profit. It lets you use your tokens to earn more tokens, for free. Simply put, you lock your ARI tokens to earn rewards. You can stake your Ari tokens with an APY of up to 300% from the very beginning.


Below you can find the list of your key milestones that have already passed.

  • Website launch
  • First mini-game release
  • Marketing campaign
  • Manarium test net
  • Private sale
  • Second mini-game release
  • Public sale
  • DEX listing
  • Manarium gaming platform launch
  • Listing on CMC
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