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What Is Malinka (MLNK) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Malinka

What Is Malinka (MLNK) Coin Review ?

Malinka Users, who are also called liquidity suppliers, invest their cryptocurrency in any currency pair (pool) in equal proportion! Thus they provide a maximum supply of these cryptocurrencies (liquidity) in an exchange service for all who want to swap currencies within this pair. Depending on the amounts invested and the currency pair chosen, each user receives liquidity tokens (LQA, LQB, LQC etc). They confirm his share in a given pool and entitle him to receive income from commission for each exchange operation in proportion to his investment in this pool.

Malinka (MLNK) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMalinka
Short NameMLNK
Circulating Supply26.24B MLNK
Max Supply26,242,678,247
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Malinka For each block of the blockchain ( every 0,5 seconds), for the duration of 8 years a number of Malinka tokens is born – from a 100 in the first block and then gradualy reducing to 1 Malinka in the last block! Onwards Malinka (MLNK) token is accrued as a reward only to MLNK pools with White List tokens. Crypto Malinka is distributed among pools according to their weight in the total investments. It then gets distributed among investors according to their shares of the pools!

0.05%(which is equal to 20% from all exchange pool commissions) are converted to US Dollars and are directed towards purchase of Crypto Malinka for the purpose of burning it!

Result:Crypto Malinka will be ensured constant liquidity, dependent on how intensively the currency exchange volumes and the number of users grow, its market price increase and decrease of its quantity available!

World-Class promotional platform strategy

Malinka promotion chain is aimed at developing a world-class platform, building a bridge of win-win and mutual benefit for manufacturers and promoters, and creating a decentralized global promotion system that is free of threshold and resistance.

The expansion of promotion Chain:

Malinka promotion of block chain projectsThe Promotion chain first brought up the idea of driving the development of block chain with block chain technology, creating an ecosystem for the promotion of block chain projects. The aim is to tackle difficulties in promotion for more block chain teams.

Value-adding of Promoters

Malinka (1)Credits wall is available to the whole network. Smart contract, credits accumulation, and PC can facilitate effective promotion and quick settlement, protect promoter rights and diversify profitability means.(2)Promotion task board can provide the most up-to-dated and comprehensive task information. Promoters can select appropriate projects to promote, so the promotion process is more targeted and less complex.(3)The PC deposit rules of promoters’ community can effectively increase product reliability of manufacturers and guarantee stable income for promoters.(4)The promotion of tokens has value-adding as its nature, so promoters will acquire decent revenues as the community keeps expanding.

Status-quo and Problems of Promotion

Malinka Promotion is an inevitable topic in today’s commodity economy system. Especially in an era of internet economy featuring information explosion, the promotion and exposure of products are the foundation for effective brand promotion and the rise of brand awareness. They are as well a must for businesses to make profit.

Promotion Chain Solutions

Malinka Promotion Chain applies block chain technology in the promotion industry. It develops a very simple structure of “product–customer” through decentralizing the structure of this industry, thus creating a global promotion ecosystem featuring win-win results for users and promoters in the block chain era.

Malinka Promotion chain has come to counter difficulties facing traditional promotion industry. It is developed with the support of block chain technology. Through decentralizing Promotion Circle, promoters’ community and credit accumulation system, it can achieve win-win results for customers and promoters, redefine the industry of promotion, develop a layout of worldwide promotional strategy and make a difference with promotion.

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