What Is Lykke (LKK)?

What Is Lykke (LKK)? Complete Guide Review About Lykke.

What Is Lykke (LKK)?

Please find below the General Terms & Conditions for. For each platform the Terms and Conditions are composed of the General Terms of Use combined with the specific Trading Rules for the relevant platform. Admission for trading on the Exchange is open to all individuals or entities which meet the requirements of, and accept, the Lykke Terms and Conditions of the respective Exchange.

Therefore these Trading Rules need to be read, understood and acknowledged along with the Terms and Conditions available on www.lykke.com. The suspension or termination of the admission of a Participant is governed by the Lykke Terms and Conditions which, together with these Trading Rules, discipline the use of the exchanges managed by Corp UK and Netherlands, namely the Exchange.

They will determine in its absolute discretion the products that are available for trading on the Exchange. The conditions for adding and removal of the products are set out in the Listing Rules, as updated from time to time.

Lykke Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLykke
Short NameLKK
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,285,690,000
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Trading Wallet and Products

Prior to the first transaction, the Participant needs to fund its Lykke Trading Wallet as indicated under the Terms and Conditions. On its web and mobile interfaces, lists the types of transactions that the Participant may conclude and the types of products that may be purchased and sold. They reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the types of transactions and type of products available at the Exchange at any time, without prior notice.

Acceptance of Risk involved with the Use of the Lykke Exchange

In addition to the risks – accepted, acknowledged and fully understood by the Participant – that are expressly indicated under the Lykke Terms and Conditions, the Participant also accepts, acknowledges and understands that the transactions. They are or might be highly speculative pose very significant financial risk and might cause unlimited losses or exceed the investments in certain cases.

There is no guarantee that the capital invested will be retained or that any profits will be made are only suitable for persons who are able to bear the financial losses arising from such associated risks. The Participant is aware of the fact that using electronic devices and the internet exposes it to a number of risks.

Confirmations and Obligations of the Participant

Any discussions between the Participant and employees or any information provided by them will not give rise to any advisory or asset management relationship, nor do they constitute recommendations. Lykke will not examine whether any transaction or any decision made by the Participant or whether its trading or investment strategy pursued are justified, suitable or reasonable.

Further, the Participant confirms to check the content of each document, including documents sent electronically by Lykke or made available to the Participant on the Exchange and to immediately inform in case of any discrepancies. Such documents shall be deemed to be binding without immediate opposition of the Participant.

Relation to Third Parties

In case the Participant has been recommended to use the Lykke Exchange by a third party such as, but not limited to, an external asset manager or a referring agent, shall not be liable for any agreement or terms that may exist between the Participant and the respective third party.

Communications from the Participant to Lykke

The Participant confirms that it is aware of the risks associated with using these communication methods, in particular the risks that could result from the execution, non-execution, late or wrong execution, fault or misunderstanding at the time instructions are transmitted to Lykke or from improper use of Participant identification methods towards.

The Participant acknowledges and declares that it assumes responsibility for all the consequences that could result therefrom. Further, the Participant understands and agrees that shall not incur any liability by refusing to carry out orders given by a person whose identity has not in its opinion been sufficiently verified.