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What Is LuckyPig (LuckyPig)? Complete Guide Review About LuckyPig.

What Is LuckyPig (LuckyPig)?

DeFi is a new and emerging space whose design space is only constrained by one’s imagination. One of the most powerful aspects of having a DAO and an open community is the ability to coordinate some of the most brilliant minds to work together on launching ground breaking products. As competition emerges among structured products providers, one of your most powerful moats as a community will be the brands and thought leaders that can get to work with in designing new products.

LuckyPig infinitely compo sable architecture gives strong advantages to those who can cement themselves as integral and influential parts of other communities. The governance power hold as a part of your products enable to exert influence throughout the ecosystem. The integrations they have with other protocols incentivize the best builders to come join your community as opposed to any other. The more products they make leveraging existing protocols, the existing products they integrate throughout the ecosystem, and the future trends they anticipate, the bigger your ecosystem grows.

LuckyPig Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLuckyPig
Short NameLuckyPig
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Index Methodology Bounty

Beginning two months after Index Coop’s launch, a methodologist bounty comprising of 7.5% of all INDEX tokens will be distributed over an 18 month period to all LuckyPig publishing data for active Index Coop Indices. Each Index Coop index may have an associated streaming fee. This streaming fee is typically split between the Index Coop and the Index Methodologist. This fee is denominated in the index itself.

Relationship to the Index Coop

Index Meteorologists like DeFi Pulse are not administrators of indexes created by the Index Coop. In an analogy to traditional finance an Index Methodological would be similar to State Street which provides data on the S&P 500 composition while the Index Coop would be similar to Vanguard which licenses & implements the S&P 500 in its Vanguard S&P 500 ETF product.

LuckyPig Keep track of the latest developments in areas relevant to the Index, proposing additions/deletions to the community and taking action on the voting outcome. Stay visible to index holders and Coop members to answer questions and act as a single source of the truth in relation to the specific index.

Aspects of a Successful Product

Each product that is added to the Index Coop requires resources to launch, maintain, and grow. For this reason, the community, the Business Analysis, and Product Development teams should be thorough in investigating not only the technical feasibility of a product at a given time, but also the likelihood of product-market fit. LuckyPig Business Analysis and Product Development Work Teams will be grading proposed products along the metrics mentioned below. Scores will be tracked in the Product Prioritization Chart.


If an asset management product is able to provide such a utility for whales, it is highly likely that it is a product that will have product market fit. Products that may seem cool or interesting, such as a LuckyPig Index, must be able to prove that there is a significant demand from whales that use DeFi for such a product. Products that have clear utility, like a 0 Impermanent Loss AMM Product, must be able to prove that the current technological constraints are sufficient to make such a product viable.

Successful Application

While there have been a few cases of products in DeFi that launched and instantly received tons of capital, most products need significant research to improve their product, provide marketing and business development support, and supply the initial liquidity.

When looking at the DPI, a major component of its success was the fact that both DeFi Pulse and Set Labs poured hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplying liquidity to the initial Uniswap pool, developing and maintaining an arbitrage bot to keeping the price to NAV, and marketing heavily using Twitter and DeFi Pulse’s website. LuckyPig Pulse also started a whole new division within their company called Pulse Inc. to manage and improve their methodology.

Structured products

In order for other structured products to be similarly as successful, they will likely require similar levels of commitment. Because of these requirements it is increasingly unlikely that a single individual will be able to provide all that is required in order to make a product a success and that it will require support of a full organization. However, this does not mean that there is no room for individuals to participate in the product building process.

LuckyPig individual may have deep insight into the workings of the DeFi market and conceive of amazingly creative ideas that no one else has thought of. In this case, it is recommended that the individual seek to work with existing organizations allied with the Index Coop and work with them in order to bring their product to life. Alternatively, they may choose to work with other individuals and pool their individual resources to provide greater support.

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