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What Is Lucky Unicorn Token (L99)? Complete Guide Review About Lucky Unicorn Token.

What Is Lucky Unicorn Token (L99)?

Lucky Unicorn Token is a blockchain-based trading and fighting game that is partly owned and operated by players. Inspired by popular games like Pokémon, horse racing games and character development games, Lucky Unicorn allows players to collect, raise, battle and trade unicorns. These Unicorns come in 3 rarity levels common, rare and legendary with a variety of breeds, ranging from dark brown horses, ponies, and short-legged unicorns to winged horses and iron horses.

Players can also customize their own Unicorns with over 300 distinct skins and equipment sets, including coat color, mane color, tail color, horns, wings, claws, and more. This feature creates the special uniqueness of each Unicorn, makes them highly varied, rare and unique so that players can grow, sell, or use them to fight other players. Using Unicorns to collect tokens is also feasible under your Game Mechanism. Each Unicorn is a non-fungible token (NFT) with different attributes and powers and can participate in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 battles, with the winning team earning the amount.

The amount of tokens won is affected by the agreement of the teams at the beginning of the challenge confirmation. Experience points (EXP) are used to level up and randomly increase 1 of 5 Unicorn’s stats. These Lucky Unicorn Token can wear skins to create beautiful and unique ones, which can be used or sold on the Unicorn marketplace by players who are free to trade. The Lucky Unicorn ecosystem also has its own unique utility token, under the symbol L99. They are used in most parts of the game including hatching eggs, buying and selling on marketplace.

Lucky Unicorn Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLucky Unicorn Token
Short NameL99
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Lucky Unicorn Token was founded by a group of Blockchain software engineers, Game Studio and some senior game developers at some famous horse racing game series, Pokemon series and character development games. With the experience of producing high quality games before founding Lucky Unicorn, along with the gaming experience of the founding team, this aim to develop a new NFT gaming ecosystem that helps users approach the world of Blockchain more easily, earn your utility token and have fun in your universe of unicorns. In addition, in each market, Lucky Unicorn implements a strategy of signing media partners in local country.

Aiming to popularize and promote in the most effective way. Lucky Unicorn Token mission is to bring NFT closer to the public and help people have a positive perspective about the blockchain world as it is a future technology that everyone should be aware of. The entire project is written on chain and they are excited to have you as a player of your ecosystem. In total, the Lucky Unicorn team consists of 20 full-time employees, operating and working in Japan, Singapore and the US.

Game mechanism

Each Unicorn possesses 5 different ability indicators including health, speed, recovery, strength, grass hunting performance. In the process of raising Unicorns and taking them to battle, as the player levels up, the player also increases the Unicorn’s ability stats. This provides a fundamental diversity among Unicorns, with most of the newly hatched Unicorns having basic stats, while those with the strongest combination of Skins and gear, leveling up can have amazing stats. An excellent Lucky Unicorn Token in addition to beautiful, unique Skin, will be able to challenge with different opponent on your Player-versus-Player system or participate in Play to Earn and start earning L99 tokens.

Unlike some other blockchain-based fighting and character development games, the number of Lucky Unicorn Token born has a balanced control over the entire ecosystem. The Unicorn population control policy will preserve L99 tokens and Unicorns are preserved and grow in value. Unicorns need Grass to eat in order to maintain their fighting power. Grass can be obtained from the process of Play to Earn or players could choose to play Grass Hunting themselves. Grass can still be used to sell and collect L99 coins. If you do not want to hatch eggs and raise ponies, you can visit the Unicorn marketplace to choose your favorite Unicorns from other players and start playing right away.


Lucky Unicorn Token has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Out of the total supply, only 220,000,000 tokens are circulated through two periods, Private Sales (offered to your invited parties) and Public Sales (offered publicly through centralized exchanges – CEX). The remaining are allocated to other parts of the game, which can be referred through the diagram below. The founding team will lock 14% their tokens in a linear release contract.

Those tokens can be unlocked completely when Lucky Unicorn releases the Public Sales Offering, unexpectedly at the next stage of the development phase. In total, 5% of the total supply is allocated to the participants of the Private Sales round at the beginning of September 2021. In addition, 35% is allocated for in-game rewards and gifts, 20% for Liquidity Fund, 17% for Public Sales round, 3% for Technology Development and Optimization Fund (Advisor Fund), which can be seen in this diagram.

The amount of L99 obtained from the game Grass hunting will be burnt 50% for each hunting turn, Therefore, in the long run, the total supply of L99 Token will gradually decreased. 40% of the L99 earnt from each hunt goes back to the Play-to-Earn Fund. The last 10% will be sent to your developer wallet acted as a fee.

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