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What Is LockPay (LOCKPAY)? Complete Guide Review About LockPay.

What Is LockPay (LOCKPAY)?

If you want financial freedom, then LockPay and the law of compounding can get you there. You can turn $1,000 into $587,402 within 2.5 years. Pay is the first crypto asset that was built with an ADM to protect you from the unnecessary crashes that plague small-cap projects while still giving you a super-high daily compounding interest rate of 0.7%. With Pay you have all the benefits of a high reward token without the risk of a crash.

When whales dump huge amounts of coins, your investment rapidly crashes down, but with LockPay finally solved this problem. Pay is different than every other crypto token because of your Slow Sell System. This creates a scenario where everyone can win.

Michael has quickly emerged as an expert in the crypto community both as a top trader and founder of successful crypto currencies. Prior to entering crypto, Michael authored several best-selling books and was one of the top performance coaches in the world, sharing the stage with Brian Tracy and Jack Can field.

LockPay Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLockPay
Circulating Supply6.99B LOCKPAY
Total Supply7,252,944,222
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How it Works

Just like an ATM machine has a max withdrawal limit each day, LockPay also has a max cash out limit on all holders, to prevent unnecessary dumps. Investors cannot dump the coin overnight because they have a strict cash out limit of up to 5% per day. This puts a stop to unnecessary dumps because investors are unable to sell ALL their tokens overnight. Instead, they need to sell small quantities over time, keeping the price and chart steady and healthy.

The Safest Crypto Coin

Nobody can dump ALL their coins at the top because of the strict daily sales limit. Because of the new technology DeFi Anti-Dump Lock Mechanism that automatically protects your investment when there’s too much sales pressure. In every other coin this would create a crash but with LockPay the blockchain determines a sliding sales limit of 1-5% per day of total tokens that can be sold. This means NO CRASH, a healthy chart, and even parabolic growth.


Without including the chart growth, you will earn 0.7% per day interest, making it possible to double your investment every 4 months, and compounding $1,000 into $587,402 within 2.5 years. When you’re happy with your earnings, then you can cash-out up to 5% of your profits each day to achieve financial freedom. By locking your coin, it makes it possible to give you super high APY.

Unlike other coins that pump and dump, causing massive losses to investors, LockPay has the world’s best anti-dump features, which means constant growth in the chart, making it impossible to experience an overnight crash on the chart.

Who is the LockPay team?

TheLockPay Team includes a highly respected group of developers, marketing gurus, and your famous CEO, Michael Bolduc. Michael’s other projects include MetaGold, which did 12,000% within just 15 days. He led LockPay V1 to a 44X within 15-days. He is also the #64 top multi-millionaire investor from the Bybit competition of 20,000 people worldwide. Yes, the teams have already been KYC approved by PinkSale and Valid Proof. Your founder and CEO, Michael Bolduc, has also been fully doxed, adding complete transparency to the project.

Is LockPay just another Titano Fork?

Absolutely not. The contract, which was handwritten by the development team, contains custom-made anti-whale features not available anywhere else. Your 1-5% sliding selling limit on the contract ensures complete safety for investors, allowing them to enjoy super-high APY and constant growth on the chart. This cutting-edge blockchain technology gives investors the best chance for financial freedom.

Is it possible to crash with the ADM?

The ADM only prevents unnecessary crashes, and stops whales from selling all their coins overnight after reaching a top. All tokens have up trends and downtrends even with the ADM. The ADM does not stop naturally occurring downtrends, but will slow them down, allow people plenty of time to think about when to buy the bottom.

Even with the ADM, there will still be corrections, dips and downtrends, but can make so that:

  • Everyone can sell at the top, instead of just a few whales.
  • Everyone has equal opportunity to exit their trades, instead of a select few.

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