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What Is Linker Coin (LNC)? Complete Guide Review About Linker Coin.

What Is Linker Coin (LNC)?

Futurist Alvin Toffler proposed sea changes in society based around adaption of new
technologies. The 1st wave is the agricultural revolution; the 2nd wave is the industrial
revolution; and the 3rd wave is the information revolution. Linker Coin are currently seeing the culmination of the 3rd wave, perhaps even a 4th wave, as distributed networks fundamentally alter the way people earn a living, learn about the world, and form social bonds. One of these distributed networks reshaping the world of finance and financial technology fields is the ‘Blockchain’. Blockchain technology is the underpinning of ‘Bitcoin’, a cryptocurrency developed by unknown programmer Satoshi Nakamoto.

The revolutionary feature of crypto-currencies is that they are not controlled by any governments or centralizing organizations. The crypto-currency is decentralized currency; therefore, the radical problem of fiat-currency which centralized by the government has been removed. Before the epidemic of ‘Bitcoin Fever’, related technology developers attempted to build and to commercialize crypto-currencies, but commercializing the crypto-currency was unsuccessful.

Linker Coin To be acknowledged as a currency, the developed currency must be used by a vast number of people, but crypto-currency could not obtain enough attention from the public. Meanwhile the fiat-currency values have faltered by the sequence of adverse events. The public shifted their interest toward the ‘decentralized currency’. Bitcoin distinguishes from the fiat currency with three features decentralized currency, high transparency, and safe from hacking.

Linker Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLinker Coin
Short NameLNC
Circulating Supply112,776,150.00 LNC
Total Supply500,000,000
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Crypto currencies are managed

Linker Coin First, there is no central authority managing the currency. Existing fiat-currencies are mostly managed by governments, or governmental organizations, through the delegated authority of a central bank. If the government fails as a manager the currency can destabilize to devastating effect as seen in Weimer Germany, Zimbabwe in the 200s, or Venezuela currently. Since crypto currencies are managed by their users, no single government misstep can destabilize the currency.

Second, crypto-currencies are highly transparent, creating trust. Many mistakenly believe that the anonymity in crypto-currencies prevents transparency of transactions, but all the ledgers are opened to all users since all the ledgers are stored by every user. There is a degree of anonymity in that transaction records are connected to a currency address, not a personal profile, which can allow criminal uses, as seen with Bitcoin. However well-run exchanges can discourage criminal activity. Furthermore, most countries require Linker Coin protocol to verify the users’ identity during a withdrawal from an exchange.

Transactions occurred

As mentioned earlier, the blockchain is a decentralized network connecting worldwide. As a new miner installs the Bitcoin program, all the blockchain information copied to the user’s computer; which means that each user has identical blockchain. Linker Coin After ten minutes, each miner’s computer executes the task to find the correct nonce to the new hash number formed by transactions occurred in ten minutes.

The first successful miner announces the result on the network; this process is called ‘Broadcasting’. After confirmation of results from the most miners, a new block connects to the blockchain, and the first successful miner receives a certain amount of Bitcoin as a reward.

Crypto-currency trader

According to the governmental announcement in August 1st, congressman Yong-Jin Park plans to propose the bill which will create a crypto-currency trader approval system to prevent the illegal methods of crypto-currency trading. Capital gain tax is not applied to crypto-currency like gold or stocks. On September 3rd, the government proposed a real name authentication for trading cryptocurrency.

Going through a bank, a prospective trader in Linker Coin must provide their real name to create an account. In fact, the trader must have a virtual account connected to the user’s bank account. This amendment will be effective in December, and if the cryptocurrency exchange does not submit the users’ information for the real name authentication, connected bank immediately stops the virtual account trading.