What Is LINK Profit Taker Set(LINKPT)?

What Is LINK Profit Taker Set(LINKPT)? Complete Guide Review About LINK Profit Taker Set.

What Is LINK Profit Taker Set(LINKPT)?

Due to the rise of Ethereum transaction gas costs and general network congestion ($500-$1000 of ETH fees per rebalance), I am taking the action of depreciating the LINKPT “LINK Profit Taker” Set and its rebalances. As a non-custodial smart contract, the LINKPT token will continue to exist and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

The amount of LINK and cDAI per LINK Profit Taker Set token will be static going forward, while the percentages of each allocation will be floating as the LINK/USD exchange rate changes. This Set aims to achieve one simple goal: Maintain majority exposure to LINK to capture its upside while simultaneously taking profits occasionally during price discovery to hedge against the downside.

The LINK Profit Taker Set (LINKPT) does this by cashing out a portion of its LINK allocation into the decentralized stablecoin DAI during each rebalance starting at $10 LINK/USD and every time the price doubles thereafter, each time targeting an index of 90% LINK. Additionally, the DAI allocation will be deposited into the non-custodial money market Compound, which will wrap the stable coin into the form of cDAI, an interest-generating version of DAI.

LINK Profit Taker Set Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLINK Profit Taker Set
Short NameLINKPT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,250
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Investing In Sets

Anyone can be a Manager using the Set Protocol to offer structured products or copy trading to Investors. As an Investor, there are a number of things you should consider before deciding to allocate your capital, keep reading about how to understand the information presented to make informed decisions.First of all, where can you find Sets to invest in?

LINK Profit Taker Set Well, being trust less, decentralised protocol, Sets live on the Ethereum blockchain visible and interactable to all, though there is no doubt that a user interface is a preferred approach when interacting with Ethereum via Web3. TokenSets is the first and most popular UI interface built on top of the Set Protocol to fill this niche.

Explore Page

Outside of direct sharing, the explore page on Token Sets is one way to discover the great Sets built on top of the protocol today. The search bar can be used to find any Set created by address, name or symbol in addition to other various discovery tables to help you find the product and strategy that fits your investing profile.

Featured Sets

Featured Sets are a collection of successful, highly liquid products created using Set Protocol that we showcase to show what is possible in the world of decentralised asset management. Community Sets are a subset of deployed Sets where the managers have taken the time to customise the logos and descriptions via LINK Profit Taker Set Customisation Form. This is a great way to create a unique, professional-looking product whilst also improving your discover ability.

Set Details Page

When you click into a Set via the search field or Explore page you will be presented with the Set details page. It is here when you will find various important pieces of information. For this example, we will be running through the DeFi Pulse Index details page, but the same checks can be applied to any Set that interests you. The total dollar value of the total amount of that particular Set token you own. This is based on the Wallet you are connected with to TokenSets.

Performance via Zerion

LINK Profit Taker Set Everyone wants to track the performance of the assets they invest in and currently Zerion tracks the performance of all created Sets on the protocol out of the box for the entire duration. It’s worth noting that if the Set has enough liquidity on a DEX or is listed on a CEX it would also by default be chart able on the likes of Trading View and other 3rd party charting services.

Key Information

LINK Profit Taker Set The Key Information section is an important summary of external links and metrics for the benefit of the viewer. Notable inclusions that differ from the Header is the ‘View on Etherscan’ link where you can verify the on-chain data of the Set, the ‘Manager Address’ allowing you to verify the wallet that has permission to trade the capital within the portfolio and finally the ‘Unactualized Streaming Fee’, which is the accrued Set fees not yet claimed by the Manager.