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linix Web Hosting Review: They create an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

About linix

linix Webhosting has been your trusted and dynamic hosting provider since 2003. Specialized in web hosting, domain services, collocation, dedicated servers, firewall and network solutions. Your Hosting solutions are all driven by the well-known and powerful Plesk control panel. All your hosting solutions are secured with burglary protection. (Intrustion Prevention and Detection Technics). Keeping your website secure is your priority. That is why they provide the possibility to use a Web Application Firewall. Chain aims to further push the status quo and make IBC a single, on-chain connection point for various platform chains and token projects through an open bridge platform that enables the establishment of validator sets that are separate from Orbit Governance.

linix has developed different decentralized IBC protocols where transactions are verified on chain depending on the use of the assets. These decentralized IBC protocols enable a number of chains and assets to enter Chain in a reliable manner. A variety of finance protocols were made to take advantage of this newly provided liquidity.

Some Quick Facts linix Web Hosting

linixBasic Details
Hosting Namelinix
Price€3,75/ per month
Call Support+32.485643373
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Blockchain world

linix realized the importance of connecting the fragmented blockchain world from the beginning. With proven technology and practical services created and developed through years of researching interchain, Chain has introduced its results to the market. In the future, Chain’s interchain technology will extend beyond a single solution or service to provide flexible and seamless usability to users of a large assortment of public chains. There is a wide variety of public platform chains in the market, and they all want plentiful liquidity in their network ecosystem so their chain is more actively used.

The various tokenized assets in these networks have the goal of being recognized and holding value in a multitude of financial ecosystems including decentralized finance (DeFi). For example, USDT has been issued and used in various chains, but its utility as a stablecoin has been best recognized within Ethereum as it was used to meet the Ethereum ecosystem’s decentralized finance demands. Ethereum was able to certify the value of its network by holding USDT assets with a market capitalization of more than $16B USD. As such, free movement of tokenized assets to and from other networks is a benefit to both platforms and token foundations.

Core Concept

The linix model allows seamless asset transfers and connects token economies across chains. It is different from current IBC offerings like the Ren Protocol (Ren) and WBTC, which utilize IBC technology to provide liquidity to the Ethereum ecosystem, in that Bridge has achieved complete decentralization. In the cases of Ren and WBTC, transactions related to asset movement are verified and communicated off-chain by hidden validators. How consensus is reached is not transparently disclosed. This means that their protocols have relatively low decentralization, going against the basic principle of blockchain. Chain’s IBC is not only highly efficient, but it differentiates itself by transparently managing the consensus process without forming any components off-chain.

The IBC Bridge was created through continuous R&D to make it more transparent, have more finality in block creation, and make the bridge itself more scalable. It was designed not for simple token bridging, but for the establishment of an ecosystem of completely decentralized communication between heterogeneous chains. Just as locking tokens in token bridging is matched with a request and minting with execution, requests and execution are important starting points for various assets to be connected, without boundaries, between chains.

Setting Governance in the Origin Chain and Destination Chain

linix Bridge is open-source, so anyone who wants to take the initiative in transferring assets with their own governance consensus can create a vault within that chain. The great advantage of directly setting governance is that in an IBC where governance is structured, the overall policy and direction, including asset selection, are determined by consensus and no assets can be moved unless consensus is reached. ‌This IBC platform bridge emphasizes the trustless philosophy of blockchain and open sourced to allow anyone to build IBC to freely move assets. Bridges are secure because bridge users can trust the validators who manage and validate asset movement.

‌Thus, even if Orbit Bridge has IBC governance that connects Ethereum and Klaytn, those who do not trust the established governance can create a new IBC bridge by setting their own governance. Additionally, one entity can set a different governance consensus between an Origin Chain and Destination Chain. For example, the total number of validators and minimum required signatures between the chains can be different (e.g. Terra origin governance 4-of-7, Tron destination governance 3-of-5).

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