Light years

What Is Light years (YEAR)? Complete Guide Review About Light years.

What Is Light years (YEAR)?

Light years Each of the Parties shall refrain from disclosing the confidential information of the other Party to persons other than those mentioned above without the prior written consent of the other Party, and is committed to respecting the confidentiality of said information by all the people to whom it discloses them.

The conditions of the Contract and all information communicated between the Parties, or to which the Parties have access within the framework of the execution of the Contract, and whatever its form and nature (in particular financial and marketing information, trade secrets, know-how, information relating to security and the conditions of use of the Services).

For information to be considered confidential, it is not necessary that its confidential nature be mentioned on the document or other medium containing the said information, or that it be specified at the time the information is disclosed.

Light years Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameLight years
Short NameYEAR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply71,234,000,000
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Secure Messaging & Community

Already under development, is a secure community app being built to allow anyone to contribute to communities in a secure, and private manner. If a user wants to stay entirely anonymous, that is possible. The app runs without any major infrastructure, no installations or servers required. All data is stored in the web browser and is never sent unencrypted over the network.

For free, anyone can create their own secure communities which has zero centralized storage. A paid service will be available for secure and encrypted centralized storage of communities, making content syncronization faster and secure backup of content.

Wallet Software

It is a fairly known fact that blockchain technology and crypto-currencies still are only accessible to individuals with basic technical skills. It is essential that crypto-currencies are made accessible and available to everyone, without any technical skills. A user with a smart phone, should easily be able to pickup the wallet-app and start transferring funds into their account, and payment for goods in stores should be instant and seamless.

Being able to perform transactions using NFC will be an important aspect of the wallet app for the Light years, allowing users to quickly perform small-sum transactions without any confirmation other than physical access to a phone. The limits for NFC payments is controlled entirely by you, the user. The City Coin is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto-coin, and a full-node desktop software will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The City Chain Foundation will be hosting a number of full-nodes to ensure network stability and safety. While Light years will have your own wallet app to ensure great user experience, they are working with others to ensure that City Coin is widely adopted and supported by other wallet software.

Identity Framework

You are the source of your identities, and how and what you identity as, is up to you. If you want to change your name that you are using for trades and interactions with anyone, that is available to you. You can choose to have a single identity, or multiple. As you interact with others through the Smart City Platform, your identities will build up trust. Similar to how trust is important in a human society today, it will be even more important in the digital space going forward.

Light years is planning to support the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification, including implementation of Universal Resolver, Universal Registrar and Identity Hubs. By implementing these open specifications, you can potentially use your identity on the City Chain, to authenticate across multiple decentralized block-chains and systems.

Proof Of Stake Consensus Blockchain and Utility asset

Light years team strongly believes by joining the best of out both world by using PoS Consensus blockchain. Distributing a stable cost and accessibility network community, Carefully selected validators with additional of immutable layer of trust.

Exchange and Web Wallet at your fingertips

Light years create Community solutions by integrating blockchain and social media, By creating a eye-pleasing and user-friendly online Community with KYC method to Verify all users, that will Protect your users account and privacy. The most importantly is plan to push Blockchain adoption to the next level by carefully design your application to suit all users experiences .