LevelNet Ico Review

LevelNet Ico Review – Network of collective information security

About LevelNet

LevelNet Free antivirus software is available on the Internet, but much of it is not reliable enough to provide comprehensive protection or is not updated regularly to guarantee security. Awful, but some free antivirus programs instead of protecting, download viruses, adware, spyware, or Trojans when you try to download and install them. If it’s about money, the best option is to find a competitively priced security solution that offers a free trial so you can look at the software in action and understand how your computer will behave after it’s cleaned up before making the purchase decision.

The worst part about all of this is that although many threats are neutralized every day, new threats appear in their place now. This means that as long as there is an Internet, computer viruses will remain a problem. Ignoring the problem, or counting on it not to affect you, is the right way to put your computer at risk, and therefore your family information and your peace of mind.

LevelNet Key Information

Token NameLevelNet
Soft cap15,000,000 USD
Hard cap12,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale1,500,000,000
Distributed in ICO80%
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Token SymbolLVL
Token TypeUtility
Sold tokens584,000
Price in ICO0.0100 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind LevelNet

LevelNet Ico Review - Network of collective information security


Once the computer age began, so did malware. The more technology developed, the greater the complexity of virus attacks, which were aimed at harming LevelNet personal data. Thus, traditional antivirus programs did not have time to develop in tandem with emerging problems from viruses, so they did not keep up sufficiently with the constant influx of malware. It is no secret that different antivirus services detect the same problem at different times.

After finding new threats, it is necessary to release a new update to the security system, which of course will not take long, which means that many users are left alone, with new viruses and without protection for some period of time. First of all, all programs should be informed about new threats so that they can be quarantined. The next task for developers is to create an update for clients so that they can find an updated attack library. In this case, the client must accept the program update before their computer is protected at this point.


Everyone agrees that there is a need for a quality and simple solution for cybersecurity in real time, using all existing data that is available in antivirus applications and on various cybersecurity platforms. LevelNet have created a platform that is capable of integrating any current solution to enhance the security of your PC software.

LevelNet have made it possible to quickly and quickly detect any cyber threats, reducing the time for the virus, and increasing protection with Network. Quickly detect time-sensitive cyber threats while on your Network. They protect against current threats and continuously strengthen security measures against future ones. The safety of everyone is the safety of all.

How It Work

LevelNet is a modern information security network. Connected users exchange information about new viruses detected on their PC and any other computer threats. It produces everything in real time with other users who are currently connected to the network, thus preventing further malware attacks. Threats are detected as a result of monitoring the reaction of malware protection systems that are installed on your PC. This incident is analyzed by the client software and other analysis tools that are located on the user’s device and beyond.

Can the antivirus protect against viruses?

If antivirus product X catches, say, 50% of all modern viruses that are currently active in the network, the product Y – 90%, and the product Z – 99.9%, then it is not difficult to calculate the probability in which case as a result of N attacks the computer will remain intact or, conversely, it will settle in some other malware. LevelNet the computer was attacked 10 times, the probability of “flying” for product X is almost guaranteed (99.9%), for Y is more than likely (65%), and for Z is very low – only 1%. Unfortunately, not all anti-virus products that can be detected on store shelves or in the network provide protection close to 100%.

Most products do not guarantee even a 90% level of protection! This is the main problem of anti-virus software today. Problem number 1. The number and variety of malicious programs is steadily growing year after year. As a result, many antivirus companies simply can not keep up with this flow, they lose in the virus “arms race”, and users of these programs are not protected from all modern computer threats. Alas, products of far not all anti-virus companies it is possible to name really anti-virus.