Larecoin Ico Review – Disrupting Education

Larecoin Ico Review

About Larecoin

Larecoin is a Utility Token registered with the SEC and deployed as an ERC20 token back in 2018. The utility of Larecoin (LARE) on it’s underlying Smart Wallet and Decentralized Exchange platform shall drive demand as community grows. Larecoin smart wallet and decentralized exchange (Web, iOs and Android) offers users a rewarding, incentivized gamification and foundation to generate, earn or farm rewards. Such rewards not limited to in exchange for deposit making, staking, yield farming, bounties, lotteries and collectibles.

Larecoin offers unparalleled flexibility continually extending its offerings to support crypto processing across an even wider array of digital assets, management and blockchain solutions. Upon launch of the Smart Wallet, Larecoin community is enabled to Send, Receive and Convert Digital Assets instantly.

Larecoin Key Information

Token NameLarecoin
Distributed in ICO48%
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap50,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale28,000,000,000
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Token SymbolLARE
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.5609 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Larecoin

Larecoin Ico Review - Disrupting Education

Larecoin Decentralized Exchange

DEXs (Decentralized exchanges) aim to tackle the problems that impede centralized structures by building peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces directly on the blockchain. Larecoin DEX specific, autonomous decentralized applications that allow cryptocurrency buyers or sellers to trade without having to give up control over their funds to any intermediary. Decentralized exchanges reduce the danger of theft from the hacking of exchanges as traders don’t have to transfer the assets to the exchange, LareDex is more secure and mitigates hacking risks.

Moreover, Larecoin decentralized exchange also can prevent price manipulation or faked teasing volume through wash trading, and are more anonymous than exchanges that implement know your customer (KYC) requirements. Larecoin Dex will provide its users the opportunity of exchange into top cryptocurrencies while keeping the user’s assets and personal data secure and private.

A Company Mission

Larecoin mission is to simplify decentralized digital asset management and exchange so a baby can do it. Transparency is important to us, and we stand behind our community. They want to make the world a better place especially for next generations. Our mission is to create a next-generation complete all-in-one crypto currency platform with a decentralized blockchain to give every person in the world an equal chance to manage and improve their financial security while simultaneously rewarding investors who hold Larecoin in their portfolio’s, without compromising privacy.

Transaction traceability

Larecoin is far more secure than other record-keeping systems because each new transaction is encrypted and linked to the previous transaction. Larecoin is formed by a complicated string of mathematical numbers and is impossible to be altered This immutable and incorruptible nature of Larecoin makes it safe from falsified information and hacks once formed. Ease of use is Larecoin’s key priority. All you need is a smart device, an internet connection and instantly, you become your own asset manager, bookkeeper, collector and payor. The fees associated with Larecoin transactions are far less than those associated with bitcoin, ethereum, debit/ credit cards as well as wire transfers, and BACS payment.

Mobile flexibility

Larecoin exchange offers exemplary staking services. Larecoin staking ensures users’ funds are safe by leveraging effective security measures providing Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). A staking method at the time of writing is arguably one of the safest and eco-friendliest methods (for cryptocurrency) to earn passive income for simply holding a deposit in the crypto your staking, similar to a CD (Certificate of Deposit) that earns you recurring interest. Crypto staking is quickly becoming a practice of gaining passive income by merely storing/ locking up funds for a fixed period of time.

Since staking cryptocurrencies necessitates certain technological crypto know-how and compliance criteria, Larecoin staking platforms are useful for allowing investors, including those
lacking technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies, to stake proof of stake (PoS) coins and receive rewards. The staking network lends you their professional skills and authenticates stakes on your behalf for a small percentage of your staking prizes, allowing you to receive submissive profits.