Ico Review – Worlds First Decentralized P2P Equipment Platform. Ico Review – Worlds First Decentralized P2P Equipment Platform.

About decentralized marketplace is what blockchains are all about. It allows people to interact and transact on a global, permission-less, and self-executing manner. All categories of equipment can be managed without needing to trust a middleman. At its core decentralized marketplace matches Service Provider/Seller and customers. Most of the important functionality like executing trades and releasing funds are controlled by a smart contract or program instead of a person. It means that involved participants agree to terms and when the terms are fulfilled, the transaction is automatically executed by the program. This makes marketplace permission-less, resistant to censorship, and trustless. Because they use cryptocurrency for payments users can benefit from global 24/7 payment system. Key Information

Starting DateN/A
Ending DateN/A
Token Sale Hard Cap1,000,000 USD
Token Sale Soft Cap300,000 USD
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolEQP
Per Cell Price1 EQP = 0.12 USD
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The Kwip Ico platform is developed to address the current concerns of the equipment industry. Tools and equipment are one of the final basic needs of a growing society and are essential for almost every industry. However, the industry is still functioning as it did 30 years ago, and the process of acquiring and managing the necessary equipment leads to frustration and waste of time. There has not yet been technological disruption significant enough to usher in a new—and better—way to equip. Here at Kwip, they aim to change that.


All In One Platform

A Decentralized platform to Buy, Sell, Lease / Finance, Use, and Manage all categories of Equipment sustained by a global network of underwriters and scorers that let all market participants engage in business in legally steady way

Full Visibility blockchain documents every single step in the supply chain on an immutable ledger that essentially boosts visibility of equipment usage, thereby increases security and reduces risks of fraud, breakdown and misaligned incentives.

Track and Manage

​The Track & manage feature unifies tracking and management of equipment across all ecosystem actors. When there is an issue with the equipment, down-to-the moment data enables rapid response & remedies, reducing the loss of revenues and time.


Kwip Ico blockchain is all about fairness and security. It’s a big database that lets you record information safely and interact with anyone, without the need to trust them or rely on a big company. Blockchain is decentralized, which means it does not have a central point. All of the information is stored on a lot of different computers, which makes it more difficult to break into a single device or steal information. Blockchain technology is a way of recording information onto lots of different devices all at once through the internet. There are many different blockchains, storing different types of information. You can have a blockchain recording money, recording identities, storing music or agreements between people.

Literally any type of information can be recorded onto a blockchain in a better way than they have ever seen until now. Blockchain gets rid of the problem of being unable to trust anyone because everything that is there is meant to be there. They can be sure of this thanks to computer programs that check everything that is added to a blockchain. The data that is recorded on a blockchain is copied onto many different devices that are connected to each other to form a network. Whenever any new information is added, all of the devices are updated through these computer programs.

Token are the first equipment platform to accept cryptocurrency. The native token EQP is live and will be used with the platform soon. No bank fees, checks or fraudulent transactions. EQP token ensures direct encrypted payments.