What Is Kross coin (KSS)?

What Is Kross coin (KSS)? Complete Guide Review About Kross coin.

What Is Kross coin (KSS)?

The premium model (a mix of “free” and premium”) has altered the consumer expectation that application costs should be zero. Publishers who wish to charge a one-time fee lose out on potential market share to Kross coin competitors, even if the for-fee application is superior and has better reviews. The freemium model drastically reduces the customer acquisition cost, but introduces two populations of users: free and premium.

Kross coin An API interface allows for rapid integration of monetization, while
payment gateways and banking relationships are unnecessary as users pay for application usage with KSS tokens, while developers are paid in KSS tokens. Our first apps utilizing the Krosscoin Platform is the patent pending Pipdroid app family. Pipdroid provides mobile execution and management of cloud-based (crypto) trading bots.

A consumption-based monetization model removes the adoption obstacles inherent in one-time fee and subscription licensing, thus freeing the developer to focus on application functionality. With KSS, monetization increases alongside usage, incentivizing application developers to create a compelling user experience.

Kross coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKross coin
Short NameKSS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply25,100,000,000
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Features and Benefits

Rapid adoption of Kross coin requires a framework that is easy to implement. To satisfy this, an open API will be made available to any application developer. Using the API, any application can transact on the KSS Ethereum blockchain. As KSS is decentralized, thirdparty monetization intermediaries become unnecessary, while application publishers have immediate access to revenue via the KSS Ethereum blockchain.

Krosscoin (KSS) will be distributed to Ethereum wallet as ERC20 tokens after the conclusion of each stage of the ITO. E.g. Pre-ITO participants will receive their tokens before stage 1 participants.

Consumption-based Monetization

The Kross coin API allows for an application to process a consumption, or usage, fee in KSS. The user sends KSS seamlessly by using the application. The Kross Monetization Platform will have an API that runs initially on Android and IOS, with other platform support to be determined based on demand. The technology is portable.

Open Monetization Platform

The KSS platform will be available to app developers using an API charging a 1% consumption fee. KSS platform is built on top of Ethereum blockchain, allowing instant, decentralized access to a monetization framework. Existing KSS-integrated IOS/Android applications ready to launch. A pipeline of new apps is planned with embedded KSS monetization (see Roadmap).

Atomic Swap For Token Storage

The KSS platform will integrate atomic swaps with emerging digital transfer platforms such as the Lightning Network and the Komodo Platform. This allows users to store KSS in alternate currencies seamlessly without using an exchange. Kross coin is a very elegant concept: build apps and a framework that enables monetization using the Ethereum decentralized blockchain.

Multiple Mobile App Releases

Vine kross LLC has released several revenue generating apps already pre Vine kross LLC has developed integrated with KSS. More apps are applications preintegrated with KSS. 5% presale, 35% ICO, 25% future project development, 25% founders/ devs/ helpers, and 10% reward. Multiple platforms will be created to allow apps to exchange value with other apps, merchants, and digital assets.

As the all transactions occur within the KSS Ethereum blockchain, developers
can immediately transact by simply sending and receiving KSS tokens. Kross coin is a utility token. Ownership of KSS represents Proof of Community.
The token’s utility is that it can be exchanged for mobile app usage.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin on Freemium

Phil Libin advises “the easiest way to get 1 million people paying is to get 1 billion people using.” Libin’s three steps to freemium success requires: 1) Millions of free users; 2) Converting active users to premium status over time; and 3) Keeping costs down.

The KSS monetization platform, powered by an Ethereum decentralized blockchain, allows developers to monetize usage. The differentiation between free users and premium users is no longer binary, but instead becomes a spectrum of consumption-based usage.

Pipdroid Pearl (for MT5) & Pipdroid Petal

The only user-launched mobile algorithm trading platform, Pipdroid lets traders access Meta trader by launching MQL5 Expert Advisors (EAs or bots). Traders can automate trading of forex, commodities and stocks. Some transactions consume KSS. Up to now, automated trading requires maintaining complex technical infrastructure, monthly recurring costs, plus large initial up front bot program cost.

Kross coin reduces costs significantly and offers easy, state-of-the art mobile trading at your fingertips. Choose from over 20 brokers to run own trading algorithms, or activate one of Pipdroid’s proprietary trading bots.