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What Is KOLO Market (KOLO)? Complete Guide Review About KOLO Market.

What Is KOLO Market (KOLO)?

Music is divided into four rarity levels Unique, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The proportions are 1%, 9%, 20%, and 70%, respectively. The rarer the Music, the higher the collection value and the appreciation space. According to the historical period classification of classical music, music works of different eras are divided into five main styles Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. In October 2021, the KOLO Market core team released the first music system built on Music-NFT assets.

Each Music-NFT is the value inheritance of classic music. Music-NFT is given the right to share royalties, and holders can participate in “Listen To Earn”, a new type of music game, earning royalties by combining music works, and the income is settled in the form of $KOLO coins. Each Music-NFT is a permanent legacy of classic music. Music has royalty rights, you can own it completely. You can also freely combine Music into the record player to earn $KOLO.

KOLO Market extracted the genre, style, emotion, etc. from the musical works, added them to the properties of the NFT and divided the rarities of Unique, Gold, Silver, and Bronze by the number of releases. An interesting “Liston To Earn” incentive model has been established through Properties and rarity. Players can combine their collections of works, and then judge the scores through the public rule algorithm. The higher the score, the more $KOLO rewards.

KOLO Market Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKOLO Market
Short NameKOLO
Circulating Supply600,000,000.00 KOLO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Based on the five main style types, five main keywords are extracted from them to form 25 characteristic attributes that describe the work. Meet some of the greatest classical music artists in the metaverse and be part of their legacies. Invest in your visions and be at the front row to receive your reward.

Each classic is limited to 100 Music

Every Music is a permanent legacy of classic music. Music has royalty rights, you can own it completely. You can also freely combine Music into the record player to earn KOLO Market.

What‘s $KOLO?

$KOLO is the only token issued for the official marketplace of these projects. You can go and use KOLO Market to buy goods, request services, or participate in events. Transactions are 100% centralized.

Listen To Earn

A new kind of music game, earn $KOLO tokens by combining music and use them to determine the future of the game. All you need is a Phonograph and a Music to earn $KOLO.

Metaverse Concert

KOLO Market will regularly invite well-known music celebrities to hold “Metaverse Concerts”. Music-NFT is regarded as an admission ticket to the concert, and many rewards will be obtained while enjoying the music.

Decentralized Streaming

A decentralized streaming media platform that uses KOLO Market for payment and settlement. Through blockchain technology, it can solve the problems of non-tampering, data traceability, copyright verification, rights maintenance and management of streaming music, improve the efficiency of royalty payment, and protect the rights and interests of musicians.


The particularity and value of each NFT are briefly described. The expounded perspective includes music works, performing artists, recording production related, major media and critics comments, special events, historical significance and other dimensions. With this, music fans can quickly summarize and grasp the focus of the NFTs.

Long-term sustainable economic benefits

The music NFT issued by the KOLO Market platform is based on the existing music works, which are decentralized, traceable, and non-tamperable attributes of the blockchain, solving the problems of copyright confirmation, rights protection and management, improving the efficiency of royalty payment, and protecting the rights and interests of musicians. The purpose is to achieve the decentralization of classical music royalties. Market incorporates the idea of ​​web3, so that fans are no longer just givers, but also get rewards when supporting their favorite musicians, which undoubtedly creates a sustainable and healthier new model.

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