What Is Knights of Fantom (KNIGHTS)?

What Is Knights of Fantom (KNIGHTS)? Complete Guide Review About Knights of Fantom.

What Is Knights of Fantom (KNIGHTS)?

Knights of Fantom (KNIGHTS) is the native token of the Knights of Fantom. While the market will decide the final price, KNIGHTS will be stealth launched in the Fantom ecosystem with a $20 listing price. The team has devised many use cases for this token and other ways to support price action, including burning initial liquidity, actively managing emissions, buybacks and burns, partnerships and more.

Knights of Fantom, first play 2 earn Yield farm on Fantom Network which helps investors to protect their funds as we provide a transparent environment so that users can use your services worry-free and helps to bring in stable passive income by staking! By participating in the Knights of Fantom, you confirm that you are not resident in any country or state which prohibits interaction with cryptocurrency tokens and/or Defi/yield farming protocols and that you understand and accept the risks involved.

See the Risks section for further detail on some of the main risks involved. The contents of this document and any part of the user interface is for informational purposes only and is not financial or other advice.

Knights of Fantom Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKnights of Fantom
Circulating Supply147.00 KNIGHTS
Total Supply161
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Bag of Gold

Bag of Gold of Knights of Fantom will occur once Knights Farms hits 2,000,000$ TVL. Knights will buyback worth of $KNIGHTS 15,000$ & burn in 1 transaction. Lets light a big bonfire for your story. What happens if the project will scam? Team will release KYC info to police & government authorities, NOT PUBLIC! From today on wards they issue to KYC projects which drop passport photo (on both sides) video of the person showing the passport, data and location!

Emergency Withdraw

You can use the tool avialable in Rugdoc to withdraw your funds from your Master Chef in case something goes wrong. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. 1.Navigate to the withdraw tool.
  2. 2.Connect your MetaMask Wallet to the website and make sure you are connected to the Fantom Opera network.
  3. 3.Enter the MasterChef address and press start.
  4. 4.Navigate to the pool you want to call the emergency withdraw action or revoke permissions.

General Issues with Experimental Technology

Users of the Iron Finance Protocol (including but not limited to IRON Stable coin, Knights of Fantom, Iron Lend, and Governance Staking) understand and accept that the software, technology, and technical concepts and theories applicable to the Iron Finance Protocol are still unproven and there is no warranty that the technology will be uninterrupted or error-free.

There is an inherent risk that the technology could contain weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or bugs causing, among other things, the complete failure of the Iron Finance Protocol and/or its component parts. Iron Finance smart contracts are in the process of being audited. Please read more in the Audits page.

General Market Risks

Market risks have the most direct impact on the Knights of Fantom risk parameters. When market conditions change, risks change. Iron Finance continuously monitors the assets integrated into the protocol which sometimes requires Iron Lend to adapt the risk parameters for the general benefit of Iron Lend participants.


Knights of Fantom The liquidity is based on the volume of the markets, which is key for the liquidation process. This can be mitigated by dynamically adjusting liquidation parameters the lower the liquidity, the higher the incentives.


High price volatility of an asset can negatively affect collateral, threatening solvency of the Iron Lend protocol. The collateral must cover loan liabilities in order to remain solvent. Knights of Fantom The risk of the collateral falling below the loan amounts can be mitigated through the level of coverage required, otherwise known as the Collateral Factor. It also affects the liquidation process as the margin for liquidators needs to allow for profit.