Kitty Ninja

What Is Kitty Ninja (KINJA)? Complete Guide Review About Kitty Ninja.

What Is Kitty Ninja (KINJA)?

From the shadows, a master of stealth and sabotage emerges, unleashing a feline frenzy upon any challenger that dares stand in its way. In a world of generic mutts, Kitty Ninja reigns supreme, safeguarding its title as the ultimate shinobi. Hack, slash and purr your way to financial freedom with $KINJA. Adorable, yet fierce, it will stop at nothing to to reach its homeland of Yuanbilyin – the one place it truly belongs. Your first collection will be a 1/1 NFT collection offering only 1,000 mints. The second collection will be 10,000 generative NFTs.

Kitty Ninja Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKitty Ninja
Short NameKINJA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply10,000,000
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Kitty Ninja Vision

Kitty Ninja is a cryptocurrency that merges the worlds of crypto and art. Created by a dedicated team of developers and crypto enthusiasts, our mission is to produce a Kitty Ninja ecosystem with utility and NFTs. They plan to develop a custom NFT wallet & trading platform, LitterBox, as well as, your own native token $KINJA and staking platform, KittySwap. Our SolX dashboard will allow users to not only stake their tokens, but also apply to become a scholar/player, rent your NFT and partake in the protocol’s governance. Token holders will be able to also “rent” their NFTs to maximise profit for them.

Kitty Ninja token

The utilities will be discussed in the later parts of the whitepaper, whereas this section shall focus on the properties and the tokenomics governing the token. $KINJA is one of the first tokens issued by the instant cryptocurrency exchange platform, KittySwap. $KINJA serves an internal currency for the $KINJA Loyalty Program. Kitty Ninja holders can get such benefits unique branded items for crypto fans, participation in contests & other promo activities, and more features to come. Total supply is 10 million.

This will help with regulating the circulating supply and thereby stabilize the price. There is a marketing tax of 9% which is used towards promotions, expedited listings, buybacks, and team development. This aspect is important to the growth of the project. All sells tax will go to the treasury for project development. The initial liquidity is 6 ETH. Liquidity will be locked for 3 months and extended when milestones are completed. Kitty Ninja token acts as a simple, base governance token for future utilities.

KittySwap (Coming Soon)

Kitty Ninja is a project created for the convenience of customers. Your users will not need to create accounts or store deposits on your service. Thanks to this, the customers will be protected from any kind of financial theft. They provide the best rates comparing a wide range of reliable trading platforms. KittySwap will be a user-friendly and reliable instant service for cryptocurrency and fiat-to-crypto exchanges.

It is an easy-to-use and free from the sign-up platform that offers exchanges of more than 300 currencies. Kitty Ninja will be available as a desktop website and also as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The trading system will be integrated into the largest cryptocurrency stock exchanges. There is no deposit storage, only instant coin exchange on your service. So, they will be able to find the most profitable exchange rate for your customers in a very short time.

NFT Collection

When most people think of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), they think of their value as lying in their being unique – hence “non-fungible.” As one-off, digital representations of art, they are indivisible and non-replicable, to which people can attach value. Kitty Ninja But now there is a growing move to make NFTs usable in several different ways. This movement toward added utility creates a different kind of value proposition for NFTs, on top of their scarcity and collectability. Your plan (Phase 3) is to issue two (2) collections of NFTs.