What Is kin.org? (KIN) Complete Guide & Review About kin.org

What Is kin.org? (KIN) Complete Guide Review About kin.org

What Is kin.org?

The kin.org cryptocurrency is used as money within a digital ecosystem of consumer applications and services. It was initially launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and was designed to be the main currency in the Kik messenger ecosystem. Kik had initially launched a rewards points system, not a cryptocurrency, called Kik Points that ended in 2017. is short for ship, since its aim was to strengthen ties within the community. Kik raised around $100 million dollars in the initial coin offering (ICO) in September 2017. In September 2019, Kik said that it would be shutting down its messaging app in order to fight an ongoing lawsuit with the United States Security and Exchange Commission over whether the ICO sold unregistered securities. In October 2019, Media Lab bought Kik messenger, with the goal of preserving Kin.

The blockchain is built to scale for mass usage and supports an Ecosystem-wide digital economy where app developers and mainstream consumers make millions of micro-transactions. App developers anywhere can seamlessly integrate the SDK into their platform and become active partners in the Ecosystem’s growth. When developers join the Ecosystem, they benefit from the Rewards Engine (KRE). The KRE incentivizes app developers to create engaging user experiences and pays them when users spend within their apps.

kin coin gives app developers, content creators, and users a new way to earn real value from their contributions to the shared digital space. With people earn and spend by being active in the Ecosystem. Everyone in the Ecosystem contributes to building a fairer digital world where people work together to succeed together. For more background, please read original white paper, published in May 2017,  a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life.

kin.org Storage Key Points

Coin Namekin.org
Short NameKIN
Circulating Supply1,518,114,145,968 KIN
Total Supply 10,000,000,000,000
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How Does Kin Work?

kin.org tokens enter circulation via an incentive model referred to as the Rewards Engine, or which rewards the developers that create compelling user experiences with based on their engagement. This offers a software monetization model that incentivizes the adoption of new use cases and creation of value for a cryptocurrency, as well as encouraging the exchange of value between users, as opposed to harvesting user data and attention at no benefit to users themselves. This new alternative re-aligns users and developers around a shared digital economy in which the content creators and developers that generate value are the focus, not big-data monopolies.

The blockchain operates autonomously via a federated consensus model, currently composed of 11+ globally distributed validator nodes, in order to maintain fault tolerance while also allowing for little-to-no fees and fast confirmation speeds. The identities of the node operators are currently private in order to maintain operational security, but these are reportedly independent, reputable digital service providers, with a history of reliable availability and maintenance.



kin coin is a cryptocurrency with an amazing array of built-in functionality and programmability. When you implement you enrich your user experience with new possibilities.


The design engaging and valuable user experiences, and let your users see the benefits and utility of These engagements contribute to the creation and well-being of an interconnected Kin digital economy.


When the ecosystem grows, you grow. Increase the value of your app and utility of creating a positive cycle of growth that benefits the entire Kin Ecosystem — a rising tide lifts all boats.

The Ultimate Win-Win.

kin.org is built, grown, and governed by us, the developers who make up the ecosystem. They are a diverse group ranging from small startups to billion dollar apps. They have the scars of building for platforms that change their minds, and they have resisted the temptation to turn the users into the product. They built to change the game. They are built to create a more fair digital world.


The kin coin Ecosystem isn’t just a new, digital economy. It’s a digital community. App developers and their users tie the Ecosystem together by earning and spending the cryptocurrency in exchange for digital experiences, products, and services.