What Is Kids Cash (KASH)?

What Is Kids Cash (KASH)? Complete Guide Review About Kids Cash.

What Is Kids Cash (KASH)?

By linking game theory and collective intelligence in a novel DeFi paradigm, we aim to welcome thousands of traders, analysts and thinkers to Kids Cash. Set V2 employs a modular architecture consisting of a collection of modular smart contracts where additional components (e.g. modules, factories) can be seamlessly integrated or removed.

This architecture is extensible, allowing new features and integrations to be easily added. Detailed system diagram here. Modules are smart contracts app end able to Set Tokens that enable functionality such as trading, marginal, and issuance functionality.

Kids Cash Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKids Cash
Short NameKASH
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply21,000,000
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Modification of Agreement

Kids Cash reserve the right to modify the agreement with announcement on the website and without separate notification to you. The time of modification will be marked on the first page of the modified agreement which will be effective upon the announcement on the website. You should browse the website on a regular basis and be aware of modification time and updated contents of the agreement.

If you disagree with the modifications, you should stop using any services provided by the website; continuing using any services provided by the website represents that you accept and agree to be bound by the modified agreement.

Qualifications of registration

You confirm and guarantee that: when you complete registration procedures or use any services provided by the website in other ways allowed, you are a natural person, legal person or other organization who(which) is capable to sign the agreement and use services provided by the website according to applicable laws. Once you click on the button to agree to register, it represents that you or your authorized attorney has agreed with terms in the agreement.

Your authorized attorney will register on the website and use services thereon on your behalf. If you do not possess the qualifications as a main body as above, you and your authorized attorney should assume any results incurred therefrom and the company will reserve the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account and to pursue liabilities from you and your authorized attorney.

Registration process

You agree to provide effective email address, mobile phone numbers and other information according to the requirements stated on the registration page of the website. You can log in the website with your provided or confirmed email address and mobile phone numbers or in other ways allowed. If necessary, you must provide your authentic name, ID card number or other information required by privacy policies, anti-money laundering laws and other laws and regulations and update your information on a regular basis to comply with the requirements on timeliness, concreteness and accuracy.

Kids Cash All originally input information will be deemed as the information for registration. You should be responsible for authenticity, completeness and accuracy of all information and assume any direct or indirect losses or any unfavorable results incurred therefrom.


The website offers Internet trading platform services for your digital asset trading (including but not limited to digital asset trading and other services) on the website only. Kids Cash The website does not involve digital asset trading as a buyer or seller. You are entitled to view the real-time market price and transaction details of diverse digital asset products on the website and submit digital asset trade requests on the website to complete digital asset transactions.

Rules of services

Kids Cash You should comply with laws, regulations, rules and policies and ensure legitimacy of the source of all digital assets. You should not undergo any illegal activities, or any activities that would undermine interests of the website or any third party, on or with the website, such as sending or receiving any messages against laws, regulations or interests of others, sending or receiving any materials for pyramid sales or any harmful messages or speeches, or using or faking emails in the title of the website without authorization of the website.