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What Is Kickstarter (KSR)? Complete Guide Review About Kickstarter.

What Is Kickstarter (KSR)?

Kickstarter Users can add any token on supported chains to their portfolio, allowing for easy sending/receiving & interacting with DApps, as well as portfolio monitoring and other Infinity Wallet features. The Infinity Wallet supports the ability for one-click token importing via deep linking, allowing projects to integrate the deep link to allow users to instantly import their token in a single click. Users will be able to seamlessly access their NFTs within the Infinity Wallet providing them with the ability to view, manage, share and trade their NFTs across multiple chains directly within their wallet at a click of a button without ever needing to use another platform.

Kickstarter Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKickstarter
Short NameKSR
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Total SupplyN/A
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Setting Deadlines

As the figure above reiterates the scientific community is recommending budget curbs on carbon dioxide over the next twenty years. Kickstarter carbon dioxide marketplace will trade for twelve to fifteen years. The rules of the Carbon smart contract limit NFT minting per month to 2.31 x 1012, thereby representing the total number of kilograms of carbon dioxide. This rule is enforced from months one through ninety two. Beginning in month fifty three Carbon smart contract will also retire 2.31 x 1012 NFT per month.

This mechanism allows for the minting and retiring of the total carbon dioxide budget within the twelve-year timeline the Eco project has allotted. After the first three years of operations Eco will evaluate the adoption of its marketplace and may adjust the distribution schedule to extend the marketplace to fifteen years of operations.

verification costs

Such rules will govern list pricing through month seventy two. Thereafter any NFT issued will be based on the pricing discretion of the person and organization listing the resource. Kickstarter Factors considered when pricing the cost of the offset will include attributes such as CO2 sequestration and geological storage costs, if any; and it will include verification costs paid out to third parties and verified by the transaction hash used to pay for the verification through the Eco platform. Eco will collect and distribute any transaction fees to affiliates, verifies, and swap ETH for the c0 token on Eco’s liquidity pool.

Transaction fees

Like other markets, a carbon dioxide market built on blockchain technology will have transaction costs. Nodes in the Ethereum blockchain require “gas” to process transactions such as minting NFT or transferring them. The appeal of Ethereum is its ledger stored across all its nodes transparently no one can cheat and create more NFTs than the budget allows for each month. With Ethereum’s migration to Proof of Stake (PoS), high transaction fees are a thing of the past, and the network is now less energy intensive and more efficient and in tune with the needs of the environment. Kickstarter will help it become a global computing engine that is green.

Allocating the Budget

Kickstarter will use the budget allocations embodied in the scientific paper “Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using the Fairness Principle”.4 For example, this means that American Samoa would receive 0.0005% of the budget and the United States of America would receive 17%. Two hundred and fifty other nations would have their own budget. As mentioned earlier will also set aside 10% of the NFTs for all life, such as non-state/original peoples, animals, plants, and other kingdoms of life.

Any account can donate the transaction fees necessary to mint the Kickstarter NFT for these constituencies, but only their verifiable representatives and advocates can receive the original proceeds and transactional dividend of the NFTs thereafter. As scientists refine their models for how to allocate the budget for greenhouse gases Eco will update its methods also.

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