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What Is Keysians Network(KEN) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Network

What Is Keysians  Network(KEN) Coin Review ?

Keysians  Network In City of capital, written by Bruce G. Carruthers, he compared the stock market to the engine of a nation. In just four decades, from 1672 to 1712, the United Kingdom developed from a country with middle-ranking economic and military power to one of the world leaders. This period also witnessed the growth and prosperity of the first stock exchange, London Stock Exchange. The primary purpose of the invention of the stock market was to transfer long-term treasury bonds to short-term profitable financial products.

Keysians Network People activated this money-lending machine, which guaranteed financial support in the war. Following the same logic, proof of stake consensus was created to mitigate the drawbacks of proof of work. The total value of staked assets has increased from $741M to $4.7B with a total growth rate of 533%, and expect it to increase further with new PoS networks emerging and existing blockchains migrating to PoS. However, proof of stake requires stakers to lock their assets on a chain for a certain amount of time, and it can’t be linked to the secondary market which allows people to trade in the short term profitable financial markets.

Network (KEN) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNetwork
Short NameKEN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply10,000,000
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Staking Liquidity

Keysians  Network You can get Staking income by holding Ktoken, Ktoken is freely traded, used, and can be sold back to the original chain assets at any time without waiting for the unstaking time. Staking derivative issuance: They propose a staking auction mechanism where stakers can auction the staked assets and auction buyers can bid for a portion of the auction, which represents a portion of staked assets.

Keysians  Network Auction buyers can also participate in trenches to form staking backed derivatives. The governance will firstly verify the validity of staking parties and the amount of staked assets that are proposed to issue derivatives. The pricing of the derivative contracts are determined by issuers, but we have a framework to provide guidelines for issuers to set ask price. We first define features of staking contracts as follows:

Staking Easily

Keysians  Network Get vToken through DEX, Dapp, and wallet, and hold vToken to participate in the original chain staking while retaining governance on the chain.

Staking EFTS

Keysians  Network also create a basket construction for staking rewards and it provides the easiest way to go long on the best proof of stake protocols. By holding one token, a holder can get exposure to the best return staking assets. The universal of potential PoS assets considered for inclusion into the basket are filtered based on market cap and daily volume. Assets are then ranked through factors such as staking ratio and reward ratio. Then token basket consists of the top three tokens, market cap weighted and rebalanced monthly.


Keysians  Network propose a token-locking reward model, which enables users to reward protocol contributors by locking tokens, without needing to sacrifice their tokens. This process is similar to locking tokens: the principle is locked in a pool by a franchisee based on terms signed. Derivative issuers must negotiate a term, in terms of tokens needed and time length, allowing financial channel to service as a public record of their agreement.

ETF Issuance

Keysians  Network will allocate a pool of platform tokens to issue staking ETFs. newly issued token tracks a transparent, algorithmically managed basket of proof of stake assets. Rewards generated by the underlying assets tracked by newly issued tokens are used to repurchase and burn.