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What Is Kesef Finance (KSF) ? Complete Guide Review About Kesef Finance

What Is Kesef Finance (KSF) ?

Kesef Finance (KSF) DeFi ecosystem is mostly based on Yield Farming and providing liquidity. But if this space has to evolve and be the solution to real-world problems, the DeFi definition should evolve too. That’s exactly what Kesef is all about.

Kesef Finance (KSF) are bridging the gap between real-world financial problems and cryptocurrencies with an App-first concept to handle all your financial requirements. Whether it is fiat or crypto, you got covered with Kesef Finance.

Kesef Finance (KSF) product that offer may look like a simple wallet, but it is power-packed with almost all your financial needs – not just crypto. With a virtual and physical debit card, you can use your crypto without needing to sell them, get fiat in your bank, and then use it.

Kesef Finance (KSF) Also, you can earn the highest available interest on crypto, and trade all 3000+ tokens in a curated and easy manner. All these features without compromising the easy of use. The believe that any product should be easy to use. There’s no point developing a product to solve one problem, while creating a new complex problem of using the solution itself.

Kesef Finance (KSF) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Kesef Finance
Short Name KSF
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply25,000,000
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KSF Token

Kesef Finance (KSF) is the governance token of the App which will enable its holders special privileges and earning opportunities. The total supply is capped at 25 million, and 6 million tokens will be offered in public sale. Toke holders will be able to participate in yield farming, get additional benefits on the card, and on the yield pools.

Token Bridge on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Polkadot


Liquidity Mining : 10 Million

Initial Supply – 15 Million

Private sale : 2 Million

Presale : 6 Million

Marketing Treasury : 1 Million

Team Tokens ( Locked for 3 months ) : 1 Million

Bug Bounties : 1 Million

Exchange Market Maker Tokens : 1 Million

Liquidity for DEX : 3 Million

Token Burning and Buyback : The initial stage referred to as “Fast Start” will last for 4 weeks, or precisely 864,000 blocks. Emissions in Phase 1 will start at 1694.82 KSF per day, and it will decrease by 2.5% daily until the reward is at 797.04 KSF per day. Around 28% of the total supply will be allotted to farmers to bootstrap liquidity. After than quarterly token burns will happen as per DAO decided rates.

Investing in KSF

Kesef Finance (KSF) Unlike other DeFi projects, is not just about staking KSF tokens and yielding returns. It is way more than that. is more a centralized place to access the entire DeFi industry from one place. They make DeFi accessible.

Kesef Finance (KSF) app will be your one-stop solution for all your financial needs. With the physical as well as virtual card, you can use it anywhere in the world. On top of that, you can easily convert your tokens to Fiat using the app itself. No need to send your tokens to exchange, sell and then wait for the money to hit your bank account.

Kesef Card

Kesef Finance (KSF) want to bridge the gap between virtual currencies and real-world use cases. For that, the designed the Kesef card that does exactly that. You can easily spend your gains using either the virtual card or with the physical card that you can order free of cost right inside the app.


Kesef Finance (KSF) , the app and products just work as a mediator facilitating the service and for that charges a minimal fees for development, management, and enhancement of it’s platform. But when it comes to taking important decisions, it is the community that takes it, through KSF DAO. KSF tokens are like your voting rights that can be used at times of decision making.

Kesef App

Kesef Finance (KSF) App is not just a regular mobile app, it’s your entire financial management tool, not limited to just cryptocurrencies and KSF tokens. The app will feature a wallet, multiple staking pools, trading, physical and virtual card management, live in-app support and a lot more.

With the Kesef app you can trade 3000+ tokens listed on Uniswap and PanCakeSwap right inside the app.

You can access your virtual Kesef card inside the app for online shopping.

Stake your tokens on multiple staking pools like PanCake, UniSwap, and many others without needing to have different apps for different pools.

If you don’t have time to research different staking pools, you can just stake with Kesef, and the app takes care of the highest yielding pool and routes your money there.

This process is continuous. That means, the app keeps looking for different pool’s APY all the time, and keeps routing your money for the highest possible gains.

Real-time in-app support. If you have an issue or query regarding using the app, the friendly customer support is there at your fingertips. Whether you are a professional DeFi player or a complete newbie, got your back.