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What Is Karmaverse Zombie(SERUM) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Karmaverse Zombie

What Is Karmaverse Zombie(SERUM) Coin Review ?

Karmaverse Zombie is comprised of GameFi and SocialFi elements and built on blockchain technology. The KARMAVERSE is a metaverse containing the game worlds of all the games we have produced so far, and which includes toolboxes for the community to build similar games on our platform. Players – known as Karmanauts – can use NFTs to transfer assets between games or sell them to other players.

Karmaverse Zombie (SERUM) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKarmaverse Zombie
Short NameSERUM
Circulating Supply5,578,732.00 SERUM
Max SupplyN/A
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  • They have carefully crafted an interesting and strategic game in the form of Zombie Apocalypse with the goal of a play-to-earn game that players view not just as an investment, but as a true game; and the goal of a game is to play for fun!
  • As the first game released in the Karmaverse, we hope the game will act as a stepping stone. Future players joining other games in our metaverse will have a chance to see veteran Fighters who have survived and been honed by their time on the battlefields of an apocalyptic society.
  • Create a sustainable play-to-earn dynamic economy, allowing players to earn money for doing something they enjoy in a way that is completely resilient to Covid-19 related lockdowns, while also encouraging online social interactions and community building.

Karmaverse Origins

Karmaverse Zombie The is a metaverse gaming platform based on blockchain technology. It contains multiple game universes produced by Karma Games. As a team with a history of producing successful SLGs and other casual games, have prepared four independent game universes at launch. New game universes are under constant development!

Karmaverse Zombie Each universe within the KARMAVERSE has its own complete game world, with a unique art style, history, narrative, characters, music, and maps. At the same time,also want to build the tools that enable players to build their own worlds within the metaverse, allowing anyone in the world to add their own creations and stories to the KARMAVERSE.


Karmaverse Zombie Many GameFi projects lack a clear vision and understanding of NFTs. Therefore, they fail to integrate NFTs into their games properly in a way that creates value for their players or explores the potential of NFTs in depth.

Diverse Game Universes

Karmaverse Zombie existing game worlds- including myth-inspired fantasy, historical adventures, the Old West, and post-zombie apocalypse- will all be placed online and players can access them all from a central hub. We will continue to create Cyberpunk, Space Exploration, and other worlds while giving players the tools to make their own.

Old West World

Karmaverse Zombie Join the pioneers, settlers, Native Americans to protect your lands, livelihoods, and forge a new life for yourself in the West. Be aware of the insidious bandits, cow rustlers, brutal outlaws, and other dangers. They’ve also got a life to make, and they would do anything to make it. Will you be the hero the West needs, and bring peace to these parched lands?


Karmaverse Zombie the rise of civilization from its humble beginnings, cultivate your own kingdom, and join the ranks of the greatest leaders in history. Guide your civilization through various stages of development, strengthening and improving your units and recruiting powerful heroes from different historical periods to lead your forces into battle.


Karmaverse Zombie High tech meets low life in this futuristic dystopia. can’t afford Keanu Reeves, but Night City isn’t the only world in which powerful megacorporations have their boots on the neck of the masses, even as technology enables humans to interface seamlessly with machines, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human, and ordinary people struggle to survive despite the startling advances made by humanity.