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What Is Jewelpay? (JWL) Complete Guide Review About Jewelpay.

What Is Jewelpay?

Jewelpay Coin (JWL) bills itself as a non–government controlled digital currency that enables users to send money anywhere immediately, safely, and at low cost. The JWL coin also aims to become an interest-bearing resource with a high annual interest rate. Jewel was made to dispense the limit between the exemplary trading market and the Digital currency market. In view of three stages, Jewel enables you to play out a wide range of budgetary exchanges with both fiat cash and digital money.

JEWEL (JWL) is a non – government-controlled digital advanced currency that enables you to send money anyplace on the planet immediately, safely and basically for nothing out of pocket. In addition, JWL means to engage individuals to accomplish budgetary freedom by making each JWL coin an interest-bearing resource with a high yearly interest rate. This cutting edge budgetary instrument can fill in as an incredible method to protect the esteem that is bolstered by network protocols, foundation, infrastructure and administrations.

Jewelpay Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJewelpay Coin
Short NamePLA
Circulating Supply48,713,166.00 JWL
Total Supply300,000,000
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It’s simple. Jewelpay connects diamond dealers or private diamond holders with investors who want to diversify their holdings. The platform offers easy-to-understand investment options, so you can buy/sell diamonds with confidence, without the need for specialized diamond expertise.

  • Timely Market News Updates To Keep Investors Informed
  • Financial Information on the Crypto and Financial Market
  • Accurate Technical Analysis Provided by Financial Experts
  • Free Access for Both Jewel and Non-Jewel Users


Jewelpay Coin new programmed software will permit the speculators and future financial investors who purchase directly from the trading exchange to have the chance to lend their Jewel (JWL) to procure a variable day by day interest that will be dispensed every 24 hours and the level of interest will fluctuate. Financial specialists will have the choice to lend their JWL somewhere in the range of 60-200 days and will likewise have the choice to reinvest their day by day income to exacerbate their interest and watch their ventures develop day by day.


Jewel (JWL) is a coin planned with an open source peer-to-peer achitecture that enables clients to trade and put resources into a non-government controlled money. Consider it a paradise for your benefits that not just shields them from undesirable government strategy obstruction, yet in addition gives political and financial strife that may unfavorably influence your ventures and exchanges.

With Jewelpay your accounts are protected, secure and incremented extra time because of the amazing proof-of-stake calculation. You can expect to most likely use JWL on the web and offline to trade jewels and gold.

The Vision

They at JEWEL might want to change the monetary framework by making an increasingly cutting edge method of investing. They want to be one of the main organizations to offer access to everybody to have not just one, however various approaches to gain and develop their speculations.

Together Jewelpay Coin will construct a new decentralized monetary framework that would work extraordinary for everybody so investors can have a progressive budgetary opportunity and see their cash rise quicker than the conventional techniques for investing. As the future arrives, less employments wind up accessible and more occupations are being given to Artificial Intelligence which thus is affecting half of the world’s economy.


Jewel Finance will be a investor’s comprehensive wallet for every single financial transaction. Trading fiat to crypto and the other way around can be made through a simple application altering the idea of crypto exchanges and eliminating complicated procedures. The wallet can be utilized to purchase, store and exchange.


For the first time Jewelpay in the history diamonds can be exchanged like some other monetary resources. The JEWEX trade enables investors to effectively and safely exchange diamonds, while diamond holders can easily sell their assets. By utilizing innovative tools and blockchain, JEWEX has beaten the obstacles that have kept diamonds from turning into a tradable resource class: transparency, liquidity and standardization.


They present the Jewel trading platform, which will exchange diamonds from the class of merchandise to the class of monetary resources. In this paper, they have attempted to clarify the status quo, which demonstrates the fundamental elements hindering the utilization of diamonds as money related resources.