What Is Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE)?

What Is Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE)? Complete Guide Review About Jejudoge.

What Is Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE)?

Jejudoge do this by mobilizing Guardians of from all over the world. The 9b9 has a global community of that use their core competencies and skill sets to bring real value to business owners on Jeju Island as well as to Guardians in the community with businesses. It’s the simplest law in the universe for the value of something to go up, that something has to keep creating more value, continuously.

Here you will find the latest news, updates, and new developments of the 9b9 project. More importantly, this site will provide an understanding of how 9B9 will bring value to the marketplace through Guardians. 

Jejudoge Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJejudoge
Circulating Supply660,000.00B JEJUDOGE
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Analyze & Educate

Guardians look for ways to advance, improve, enhance and scale the adoption of Jejudoge 9b9 by adding value first. They engage and connect with local Jeju Island business owners and CEO’s of Guardians businesses. This site was built to communicate the identity of Guardians and the ability to be part of an Elite community working together towards a vision to create commerce globally. This is at infancy stage and is not currently trading on any major exchange. Uniswap is the only avenue to buy 9b9 token.  

Get involved in the movement and begin to engage the community. Join all the social media accounts and chat rooms. Attend regularly scheduled Zoom Jejudoge Guardian meet-ups. Express your interest in using your natural skills to bring value to the 9b9 community and the people of Jeju Island and beyond. We welcome you to the community and we are excited to have you contribute to the vision of 9b9!


Guardians offer their skills and expertise to benefit the Jeju community, its purpose, and the businesses in Jeju Island. Jejudoge competitors are not other crypto currencies. They are competing in marketing, advertising, and business solutions arena. Opportunity of all levels can participate into building the ecosystem and advancing its purpose. They offer and work with CEO’s of companies to bring them massive value in their marketing, sales, and operations.

Also, one perk that comes with the 9b9 Benefits Program is that your account will be sent to all activated Guardians to get love bombed. So, if you are trying to grow your personal brand or business exposure this is the most cost-effective way to do it. This alone is worth thousands in ad spend and this is only one of the perks of being a 9b9 elite member.

Logistics & Strategy

Guardians will implement systems, documentation, and processes to make duplication simple plus salable. Do your own research on what $Jejudoge 9b9 is all about and determine whether this is a good investment for you. They do not give financial advice – all assets invested can go to zero, so invest wisely.

If you decide to be part of the community, they ask that you communicate your natural gifts and abilities to leadership and support to advance the vision and mission of 9b9. Guardians are players, not spectators.” The Next Step is to create a new Ethereum (ETH) wallet or use an existing one to buy and become a 9b9 token holder.


Guardians utilize their personal network in all forms to bring commerce to Jeju Island and our 9b9 Guardian businesses. Create a new Gmail account with the word “Jeju9b9” as an address (example SamJeju9b9@gmail.com). This will become your Guardian email and where you will get the latest news, updates, progress, and love bombs, etc. This will be the primary way we communicate as far as important correspondence.

This will bring organization to the community and everything that pertains to 9b9 is in one inbox. Any emails they receive that do not have “Jeju9b9” in the address will not be added to the database as an Activated Guardian. This is part of registration to the Jejudoge community. 

Global Distribution

Guardians will set up the best strategy and most economical channels for distributions. Email your name (is preferred username okay?), ETH wallet address, and tell what skillset and experience you have to support the Jejudoge community. Also provide your Instagram link plus Instagram handle and all social media account personal and business. (Send email to Jejudoge9b9@gmail.com)

Love bombing is a critical part of the ecosystem in Jejudoge 9b9 moving forward and those that remain active in the Jeju Action culture will be rewarded. This is why collect this information. Gathering this data now will ensure that as this grow to thousands of Guardians globally it gives us the best chance to scale and stay organized.