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What Is JDI Yield (JDI)? Complete Guide Review About JDI Yield.

What Is JDI Yield (JDI)?

JDI Yield is a smart portal targeting to increase convenience and security for Binance Smart Chain yield farmers. Users can freely stake and/or unstake their funds regardless of the accessibility to their favorite yield farming websites. This would safeguard users’ capital from any misfortune circumstances such as fraud, website downtime, DDOS, or 404 errors. More over, users can monitor their portfolios, look at token graphs, and harvest their farms in one page. Users can now rest easy knowing that their yield farms are safe and growing.

JDI Yield Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJDI Yield
Short NameJDI
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply20,000,000
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JDI Yield was built by BSC farmers, for BSC farmers. The original idea was sparked from your inability to use and access sites whenever they are accidentally or intentionally taken down. Fortunately, they are developers and can fix this! The process of withdrawing funds from native blockchain transactions is not ideal – and sometimes even just as bad on farming sites. They want to ease this process up for every other DeFi ape. So they developed JDIYield. They are a product-driven company.


JDI Yield plan to be a one-stop SAFU service for all yield farmers. DeFi activity. Instead of going into several sites, you can come to us and monitor your portfolio. Your recent actions like supporting Ethereum or Polygon and NFTs solidified this vision.

Revoke Token Approvals

Farming in multiple sites requires approvals. Approvals to some contracts may result in your wallets get stolen. JDI Yield can revoke the approval on your concerned sites. A sandbox game in which users need to travel the blockchain in search of Poconos. Players will be able to buy lands where they will appear from time to time. The rules of the game will be determined by the players themselves by voting. A professional game studio will be involved in the development of this game.

Site Features – PRO version

  • “Harvest All” button. No more clicking “Harvest” on each site.
  • Code change alert. Surely, they say there is a time lock but how do you know when they change things?
  • Portfolio value notification. Have your values reported right in your favorite chat apps. Be it Line, email, telegram, etc.
  • One click “Withdraw All”. When there are fishy things happening, you come and have a click, all your funds are SAFU.
  • Certified by JDI. they will do some preliminary specific checks on each site and put badges on whether these sites are less likely to be fraudulent. Still, DYOR is necessary.
  • More features to come!

What is $JDI?

JDI Yield is a membership token for your PRO features. Initially by holding 2,000 $JDI, you can have the PRO features activated. There is no need to pay any subscription fees. If you do not need the PRO features anymore, you can choose to sell them to the market. Defi moves rapidly and expeditious. When it comes to adapting to the market expectations, they intend to be in the first and foremost, through the tasks that are in no particular orders.

The game will in no way have a negative impact on the price of the $MON token. JDI Yield economy of the game will be built around reducing the $MON supply by burning tokens. It will not be possible to earn more tokens than the amount that has already been burned. 20% of all in-game assets will be sold for $GEM token only. In order to start playing, a user needs to own an NFT of a gaming Pocono, as well as have some $MON tokens on their wallet.

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