What Is Jasmy Coin (JASMY)?

What Is Jasmy Coin (JASMY)? Complete Guide Review About Jasmy Coin.

What Is Jasmy Coin (JASMY)?

Establish a faster and closer management structure that fully utilizes management resources such as technology assets, cryptocurrency, and human resources. Clearer division of responsibilities, accelerated decision-making speed, strengthened checking system. Proactive, competency-based recruitment of human resources without regard to nationality, age or gender. Jasmy Coin This is the first phase of the project, which will continue to strengthen human resources and the organization.

After that, after working as the general manager of the product development dept. and the general manager of the sales planning dept. of AEON Bank,Ltd., he was involved in the establishment and business launch of AEON Allianz Life Insurance Co., Ltd., and was appointed as a director. Joined Jasmy in February 2022.

Jasmy Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameJasmy Coin
Short NameJASMY
Circulating Supply4.75B JASMY
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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Management Structure

Former President and COO of Sony Corporation, President and COO of US Sony Engineering and Manufacturing of America, Chairman of Sony Financial Holdings, Chairman of Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Assumed office as CEO of Jasmy Coin in April 2016. Currently director of the Japan Innovation Network and Chairman r of the University of Nagano.

Former CEO of Sony Style.com Japan Inc., Operating officer of Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. and President of Sony Style Company, managing director of Sony Style Japan and operating officer of Sony Marketing Inc., Head of the Sony Corporation Creative Center, Chairman of BJIT Group, joined the Jasmy Board of Directors in April 2016, COO of Jasmy Coin Incorporated from November 2018.

support the Data Democracy

Jasmy Coin will also promote the strengthening of its management structure and human resources in the area of technology, and in addition, enhance its product planning and services to build a more attractive and always advanced platform. Tadashi Morita, an expert in security, will assume the position of Chief Security Officer (CSO) to ensure more robust security and safety, which is essential for the democratization of information.

Takashi Hagiographa, who is in charge of software development, will be appointed as a director to realize software development that is integrated with management, and to build an integrated system from basic technology development to maintenance and operation.

Global operation and promote technical development

Sheng Guo, an expert in blockchain and other decentralized technologies, will lead a dedicated technical development team in this field to achieve a stable global operation and promote technical development for the future. Jasmy Coin will also invite Hidehiko Kakinuma from outside the company to realize product and service planning that is integrated with corporate strategy and to build a marketing and sales structure that is essential for business expansion.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)& Senior Strategist

In 1971 he joined Sony Corporation and since then has contributed as an engineer and has developed several technologies. He has applied for about 100 patents while working for Sony. Invention of NFC technology and its standardization are one of his accomplishments. From 2007 to 2013, he was appointed as Chief Distinguished Engineer and was instructed to investigate security trends and made recommendations to Sony’s top management every year.

Since 2013 joined the OES project of Sony Computer Science Laboratory and invented DC Micro grid technology and installed at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) as a trial of world first DC Micro grid system. After joining Summit Bank (currently Jasmy Coin Banking Corporation), he was transferred to G.R. Home Net Corporation (currently NTT Plala Inc.), where he was engaged in the launch of the ISP business.