What Is Iqoniq.io (IQQ)?

What Is Iqoniq.io (IQQ)? Complete Guide Review About Iqoniq.io.

What Is Iqoniq.io (IQQ)?

The world is now more connected than ever. But still, sports and entertainment fans are expected to collect the content they desire on multiple platforms, with communication expected to flow in only one direction from the star to the fan. IQONIQ unites all the content from idols and organisations in sports and entertainment on one platform, adding unique opportunities for fans to enter a two way relationship with stars and fellow fans.

Fans in the sports and entertainment world are some of the most committed in the world. Often, they sacrifice a lot of time and money into supporting their idols and organisations in sports and entertainment, without receiving much in return. Iqoniq.io enables idols and organisations in sports and entertainment to give something back to their most loyal and devoted followers, with a range of exclusive benefits.

Iqoniq.io Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameIqoniq.io
Short NameIQQ
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply2,500,000,000
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Sports and entertainment

Sports and entertainment have a unique ability to unify and promote social change. To do more than entertain but also influence the world for the better. Iqoniq.io recognises this and has its bigger purpose deeply en-rooted in supporting good causes, by enabling fans, idols and organisations in sports and entertainment and brands to give something back to society and promote a better world in an open and 100% transparent manner.

Bond sales generate profit for the protocol, and the treasury uses the profit to mint ICE and distribute them to stakers. With liquidity bonds, the protocol is able to accumulate its own liquidity. Check out the entry below on the importance of POL.

Sport & Entertainment industry

IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform that exclusively targets the sports and entertainment world. The Iqoniq.io platform is revolutionizing the multi-billion-dollar Sport & Entertainment industry by introducing a best-of-breed social fan engagement platform. By combining all the modern-day features of fandom into a single platform, IQONIQ provides fans with a unique and the first all-in-one game changing solution.

Each ICE is backed by 1 MIM, not pegged to it. Because the treasury backs every ICE with at least 1 MIM, the protocol would buy back and burn ICE when it trades below 1 MIM. This has the effect of pushing ICE price back up to 1 MIM. ICE could always trade above 1 MIM because there is no upper limit imposed by the protocol. Think pegged == 1, while backed >= 1.

Polygon Meta mask Setup

You’ll need to configure the Matic Network custom RPC to your MetaMask. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, and it’s easy to switch back and forth between Layer 1 and Layer 2 using the button near the top of the MetaMask application. Once you’ve added the details click on the “Save” button. You’ll then be connected to the Matic main net.

ICE DAO aims to solve this by creating a free-floating reserve currency, ICE, that is backed by a basket of assets. By focusing on supply growth rather than price appreciation, ICE DAO hopes that ICE can function as a currency that is able to hold its purchasing power regardless of market volatility.

IQONIQ is the first ever platform

Iqoniq.io is the first ever platform which puts fans at the forefront. IQONIQ recognises the importance of fans, understands what they want and has created an ecosystem that gives fans tangible benefits. Don’t earn money on their general posts even though it has a high value. As your days get busier and the communications channels we use become more cluttered, people are increasingly turning to all-in-one solutions.

Users are comfortable with transacting using stablecoins knowing that they hold the same amount of purchasing power today vs. tomorrow. But this is not exactly true. The dollar is controlled by the US government and the Federal Reserve. This means a depreciation of dollar also means a depreciation of these stable coins.