What Is iqeon (IQN)?

What Is IQeon (IQN)? Complete Guide Review About IQeon.

What Is iqeon (IQN)?

The global gaming industry currently has an annual turnover of $175.8 billion and almost 2.9 billion players. But this industry has always been full of contradictions and is far from perfect high app shop commissions (up to 30% of the purchase amount); game play that forces players to play again and again to save achievements and gain game points; intrusive offers to buy game improvements, battle passes, etc. These are just some of the practices used by app shops and publishers to drive users to spend more time on gameplay. It’s got to the point where dissatisfaction with inflated commissions has even resulted in litigation Apple was forced to reduce App Store commissions.

However, there are a few companies that want to bring innovation to the gaming industry, to improve it, and to create a better experience for players. The desire to improve this sector led to the creation of the iqeon project concept in 2016.
With the ambitious goal of giving players a real opportunity to monetize their achievements and activity. The ultimate aim of IQeon is to enable everyone on Earth to earn money by playing the games they love.

From its foundation until today, IQeon has evolved phenomenally. It started in 2017 with the development of an in-house platform where users could quickly find their favorite games at reasonable prices and also gain the opportunity to earn money in return. Thanks to the globally growing interest in cryptocurrencies and the undeniable benefits of Blockchain technology, the iqeon team aims to combine the gaming industry and the crypto-industry. IQeon has become one of the first companies to use the Play-To-Earn (P2E) concept.

In 2018, the company began developing its payment ecosystem. The IQN token played a significant role in this, taking on the function of an internal payment unit. A total of 10 million IQN tokens were issued to evaluate the interest of potential users and businesses. Based on the results of the token sale, 5,491,860.20 IQN tokens were issued. In accordance with the project road map, the iqeon team “burned” (destroyed) all IQN tokens that were not purchased during the initial token sale. The issue of tokens has now been completed and subsequently IQNs were added to the listings of several popular exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency trackers.

iqeon Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Nameiqeon
Short NameIQN
Circulating Supply5,491,860.20 IQN
Total Supply5,491,860
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At present, many projects and online businesses are trying to find the optimal balance of models for rewarding their users’ activity and increasing the profitability of the business. At the same time, users are interested in high-quality products and services that offer the opportunity to monetize activity.

The ecosystem of iqeon can become an inclusive solution, opening wide possibilities for all participants. Your goal is to create a self-sufficient environment for businesses and users from the gaming industry to e-Commerce, from crypto-trading with tokenized assets to shopping with your crypto-card. We aim to unite worlds, taking only the best from them.

Fast transactions and a user-friendly

iqeon main goal was to create its payment infrastructure to meet all the expectations of IQeon’s growing user base low fees, fast transactions and a user-friendly interface. This was a completely new line of business but in 2021, the company has already launched IQEX.io (its quick exchange service for cryptocurrencies and digital assets) and IQEX.pro. In addition, the company plans to create even more ambitious projects which will improve its existing products and services.

Among these are the online tokenised asset exchange platform (IQEX.com) and the IQEX Pay payment system, which will become a bridge between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and Tron blockchains enabling cheaper transactions in IQN tokens. From the outset the iqeon project intentionally focused on creating motivational mechanisms for players in the form of logical games (puzzles, quizzes, etc.). Even before the project was launched, the IQeon team saw an opportunity to apply the proposed activity motivation mechanisms not only to the gaming industry but also to the field of finance.